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PCL introduces advanced construction logistics management solution

PCL introduces advanced construction logistics management solution

PCL Construction has introduced Job Site Resourcing, an intelligent application integrated within PCL's Job Site Insights smart construction platform supporting next generation smart job sites. 

Job Site Resourcing (JSR) is a mobile enabled logistics management solution designed specifically for the construction market to manage the shared usage of resources, and track details of delivery and movement of materials to job sites. Site resources can include elevators, staging or unloading areas, and material handling equipment like cranes and hoists. 

Projects have control using availability and booking restrictions applied to the resources, and the authority to review the bookings requests for approvals. Using the JSR self-service mobile application for iOS or Android devices, subtrades and suppliers have access and transparency to the site calendar for availability of resources and autonomy to manage their bookings. 

Automated notifications remind subtrades of their delivery appointments and notify project staff when new bookings have been created for review. Using the JSR reporting and analytics features, projects are able to use the insights to monitor and adapt in order to drive maximizing the utilization of project resources, and increase the overall efficiency of project staff managing the supply. This has a direct impact in decreasing operating costs on project sites. 

"The trades jumped on board quickly, and now our site deliveries are running completely through online requests," says Aaron Akehurst, project manager at PCL Construction. "This process streamlines superintendent approval and puts the onus back on the trades for determining weights and material routing. We are minimizing printing, transfer of paper, and removing the need to keep a delivery board updated on site. This is a fantastic tool which will bring value to any busy job site." 

"We're getting great feedback from our project teams, and we're on the finishing stages of completing a new feature we're excited about - the ability to perform Delivery Evaluations against the booking requests, which will give projects the capability to record the details that occurred with the delivery,"said Dawn Kaasten, a PCL business systems analyst for JSR. "Was the delivery late? Was enough time scheduled for the event? Did the delivery occur as expected? Delivery evaluations can track the actual durations the resource was used compared to the time requested. All these details are mineable and summarized providing actionable analytics our projects have never been able to track before." 

Job Site Resourcing can be used as a stand alone application or with the Job Site Insights IOT telemetry platform. "Job Site Insights and its growing ecosystem of integrated applications like JSR is the leading smart construction ecosystem in the industry. Reducing costly rework, improving build quality, and making improvements to productivity through proactive scheduling proves we are rewriting the history book of construction," said PCL's CIO, Mark Bryant. "The JSI ecosystem of products has proven to reduce manual labor costs, and enhance productivity gains - a "must-have" for all budget conscious construction organizations." 

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