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Boston Dynamics adds self-charging capabilities, robotic arm to Spot product line

Boston Dynamics has expanded its Spot product line to include the self-charging Spot Enterprise, remote operations software, and an arm. These additions allow Spot to perform autonomous, remote jobs, as well as manual tasks in inhospitable environments such as nuclear plants, offshore oil fields, construction sites, and mines.

Spot Enterprise is a new version of Spot that comes equipped with self-charging capabilities and a dock, allowing it to perform even longer inspection tasks and data collection missions. The new version of Spot also features upgraded hardware that expands the range that autonomous missions can cover, extends WiFi support, and enables users to quickly offload large data sets collected during the robot's mission.

Also newly introduced is Scout, Boston Dynamics' web-based software that enables operators to control their fleet of Spots from a virtual control room. Operators can use Scout to take Spot anywhere a person could go on-site, allowing them to inspect critical equipment or hazardous areas from afar. The software is designed to run pre-programmed autonomous missions or manually control the robot, as well as other tasks such as capturing images and thermal data.

In addition to launching products designed to make remote inspection safer and easier, Boston Dynamics is also releasing the Spot Arm which enables the robot to perform physical work. It can manually or semi-autonomously grasp, lift, carry, place and drag a wide variety of objects and can open and close valves, pull levers and turn handles and knobs.

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