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Tadano introduces new 80-tonne all-terrain crane

New Demag® AC 80-4 All Terrain Crane

Demag has released the AC 80-4, a crane 80-tonne crane that features a main boom that is 60 meters (196.9 ft) long and that, with some configurations, makes it possible to have the longest main boom reach in the class of up to 120 tonnes (132 US ton). The AC 804 can lift 5.4 tonnes (6 US ton) at a radius of 14 meters (45.9 ft). It also raises the bar with its main boom extended to 50 m (164.0 ft). 

If the main boom length of 60 meters (196.9 ft) is not enough, the reach can be expanded with a 6.5 metre (21.3 ft) main boom extension that can be offset by 25° and 50°. Its capacity is 23.8 tonnes (26.2 US ton), meaning that it can be used to lift heavy loads over obstacles. Since the extension can be folded and carried on the main boom, it can be ready for use particularly quickly. 

In addition, there is a 1.50-meter (4.9 ft) runner with a capacity of 26.6 tonnes (29.3 US ton) available for the Demag AC 80-4. Accordingly, the AC 80-4 is also recommended for indoor projects. The main boom can be lowered up to 3° below its horizontal position so that potential work at height can be easily eliminated and the jibs can be installed quickly and safely.

All Demag all terrain cranes are characterized by a compact design, and the new AC 80-4 is no exception: Nearly all of its dimensions are shorter than those of other four-axle units in its class. Its total length is 12.15 meters (39.9 ft), the carrier length is 10.60 meters (34.8 ft), its height does not exceed 3.85 meters (12.6 ft), and the front overhang is a modest 1.49 meters (4.9 ft). 

Able to travel on the road

However, the AC 80-4 does not need to wait to get to a work site to show off its qualities. Instead, it does so when already underway. Among other things, this is due to its sophisticated counterweight design, which makes it possible to have a maximum counterweight of 17.7 tonnes (19.5 US ton). 

On the road, it can transport up to 9.3 tonnes (10.3 US ton) of this counterweight itself while remaining under a 12-tonnes (13.2 US ton) axle load limit, and all while also carrying the 6.5-meter (21.3 ft) swing-away jib. In fact, this configuration even includes a three-sheave hook block on board. 

Mercedes-Benz engine and transmission

The AC 80-4 is equipped with a powerful Mercedes-Benz engine for efficient travel and operation. It outputs a maximum power of 340 kW (462 PS) and delivers a maximum torque of 2,200 Nm. 

The state-of-the-art diesel engine conforms to EU Stage V and Tier 4 Final emission requirements and can be downgraded to meet ECE-R96 regulation. A Mercedes-Benz G230-12 transmission, together with a drivetrain from the same manufacturer, is in charge of transmitting the engine's power to the road. 

With twelve forward speeds and two reverse speeds, all-wheel steering as standard, and two or three driven axles, this makes the AC 80-4 well suited not only to the challenges of rough terrain at work sites, but also to fast travel on highways and long-distance drives.

All the highlights from the Demag World of Innovations

Once at the work site, the new Demag Surround View makes it easier for crane operators to position the AC 80-4. This patented system uses the four crane cameras to show a computer-assisted diagram of the possible outreach of the outriggers, as well as the counterweight tailswing radius at the crane's current location. 

Demag Surround View also supports the driver on the way to the construction site. The cameras can deliver images of the crane side areas when turning, facilitating the crane driver to detect cyclists, pedestrians, or any obstacles. This function is activated automatically when the indicator is operated.

The AC 80-4 also comes with the innovative Demag IC-1 Plus control system, which is considered by many experts to be the leading crane control system on the market. During operation, IC1 Plus calculates the crane's lifting capacity for every boom position as a function of the superstructure's slewing angle. This means that the maximum available lifting capacity can be used with any outrigger configuration, including asymmetrical ones. 

This advantage is maximized when combined with the Flex Base system, which makes it possible to extend the outriggers to any point within their range, as this system enables the crane to extend its outriggers all the way to surrounding obstacles even when an asymmetrical configuration is required. That makes it possible to use the maximum possible lifting capacity in any situation and is perfect for tight work sites in particular. It also enables the AC 80-4 to take care of lifts that would normally be the exclusive purview of larger cranes - and in places that these cranes would not be able to reach at all due to their dimensions. 

The expanded graphic display provides the maximum possible convenience: it is designed in the form of a capacity radar and provides crane operators with additional information on lifting capacity within the working range while accounting for the boom position and the slewing radius, Moreover, the automatic counterweight detection function supports crane operators selecting the counterweight that has been set up, as IC1 Plus will automatically detect it. 

In addition to the IC-1 Plus control system, the crane is available with the IC-1 Remote telematics solution, which makes it possible to remotely read and diagnose all important crane data and enables owners to integrate the AC 80-4 into their fleet management system.

Emissions and noise are a constantly growing problem that in many cases is no longer being tolerated, especially in larger cities. The industrial sector is expected to provide sustainable solutions that can help reduce this problem. This is why the ESTA-award-winning E-Pack is available for the AC 80-4. This feature is an electro-hydraulic system designed to be connected to the crane. It comes with an integrated 32-kW electric motor that makes extremely quiet zero-emission crane operation possible. Specific applications for the E-Pack include crane jobs inside buildings, in dense urban areas, and at night in residential areas - in other words, under conditions in which the company operating the crane may have to face stricter requirements that make conventional crane operation with a diesel engine impossible.

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