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How MB Crusher is creating new revenue streams out of old asphalt

How MB Crusher is creating new revenue streams out of old asphalt

The industry faces many challenges with high hauling and material disposal costs while also protecting the environment. Anyone with an ongoing road construction project knows the industry's hurdles on any job scale, from the reconstruction of a main road to a small side road. The same restrictions also affect those who process and distribute bituminous conglomerates.

The main issues with this is the high costs of hauling and disposal of removed pavement material and the subsequent cost of new aggregate. However, MB Crusher is focussing on this weakness and they have transformed it into a new advantage. 

MB's mobile crushers can be mounted on any brand and any size of heavy machinery right on the job site. This transforms any equipment into a powerful crusher. Any asphalt can be crushed down to the required size to be ready for immediate reuse, such as base material for a new road.

The material processed with MB Crusher equipment creates new business opportunities in a single project, eliminating downtime, hauling, and disposing expenses. The landing strips, In Reykjavík, the largest airport in Iceland, were rebuilt  by using the old asphalt as a base material, thanks to the use of a BF70.2 crusher bucket.

Each MB Crusher bucket is designed to adapt to all requirements of a job site easily. They can be paired with any heavy equipment, and can crush any type of asphalt, helping pave the way to a new revenue stream for companies.

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