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LIPOS positioning system adds digitalization to deep foundation work

The LB 28 and the Liebherr concrete pump type THS 110 at work
The LB 28 and the Liebherr concrete pump type THS 110 from Züblin Spezialtiefbau Ges.m.b.H. on the jobsite in Oberwart.

The Burgenland Hospital Association, KRAGES, is building a general hospital in Oberwart, Austria. The new building, in direct vicinity to the existing hospital, will provide medical, nursing and therapeutic care in the region. In order to avoid subsequent settlement and damage to the new building, the available land requires substantial foundation work before it can support a whole hospital.

Züblin Spezialtiefbau equips its first Liebherr drilling rig for the digital age

Züblin Spezialtiefbau was contracted to install 1,310 piles in an area of 23.000 m² for the foundation of the complete new building. All piles have a diameter of 630 mm and are being installed using the CFA (continuous flight auger) method. The maximum depth of the foundation piles is 16 m. Initially, it was assumed that a construction period of approximately 4 months would be required to complete more than 1000 piles. To complete the task, Züblin Spezialtiefbau is using a Liebherr drilling rig type LB 28, which has been equipped with the positioning system LIPOS for the first time. The LB 28 is supported on site by a Liebherr concrete pump type THS 110, which ensures that the delivered concrete is immediately pumped to the required location.

Test measurements can be carried out quickly and easily using the Rover Rod.

Quickly select drilling points

Once the complete building ground was measured and the precise position of each single pile was identified, the gathered data could be transferred as a digital drilling plan to the LIPOS positioning system in the Liebherr machine. Jobsite data and pile lists are transferred to the machine when the drilling list is uploaded. The operator can see their position with centimetre precision at all times due to an additional monitor in the cabin. 

The LB 28 can be manoeuvred with ease to each of the 1,310 drilling points without the need of any iron stakes or colour markings for orientation. The operator no longer has to watch out for ground markings or the concrete hose, instead concentrating on important things. The system simplifies the positioning of jobsite equipment. The concrete pump, the reinforcements, as well as other tools and material can be optimally positioned around the drilling rig.

The LIPOS antennae are mounted directly on the leader and allow for centimetre precision in positioning.

Machine technology and sophisticated assistance systems

An above-average daily drilling performance is achieved using the LB 28 and the construction work could be completed earlier than planned. One reason, in addition to the Liebherr machine, is the extremely productive working method. The LIPOS positioning system plays a decisive role. Without this system, the drilling points would have to be newly measured, drawn and marked at least three times a day. An enormous additional effort which is completely eliminated with the help of LIPOS. All jobsite personnel has a clear overview at all times of exactly where the piles are, which piles are already completed and which still have to be done. 

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