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United Rentals introduces drop-in clarifier system for solid waste removal in construction dewatering applications

United Rentals CL-250 Clarifier in a lot

United Rentals has launched the CL-250 Clarifier, which delivers a complete solids removal solution for a wide range of waste streams. The clarifier system allows companies to increase efficiency of solid waste removal while also reducing the mobilization time and project footprint of water treatment processes.

The CL-250 Clarifier is designed to be easily deployed in an open top frac tank, allowing the tank to quickly function as a low cost, effective solids removal system. The system's slant plate Lamella clarifier design creates ten times more settling area than its footprint. This efficient design allows one 16.5-foot CL-250 mobile unit to provide the same treatment capacity as a 42-foot fixed installation clarifier.

The CL-250 Clarifier can accommodate flows up to 500 gallons-per-minute per unit, so there is no need to rent the multiple settling tanks that projects typically require. The CL-250 Clarifier can also be used in a standard weir tank. United Rentals filtration application engineers are available to work with companies to determine settling and flow rates for different sludge types ahead of installation.

Once the system is installed, the water enters the clarifier, flows over the first weir, under the second weir and then up through the slant plates within the clarifier system. CL-250 Clarifier units are outfitted with sludge removal inserts to allow sludge to be pumped out without interruption to the process.

"The CL-250 Clarifier is an integrated, custom-designed liquid management system," said Mehrzad Emanuel, Director of Filtration at United Rentals. "Companies are looking for cost-effective and time-sensitive ways to keep projects - and fluids - moving. The CL-250 Clarifier can not only save project dollars, but keep downtime to a minimum. Fewer pieces of equipment onsite and faster turnarounds free up capital for other projects or contingencies."

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