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AED teams with Canadian associations to drive Building for Recovery efforts

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The economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every Canadian one way or another. It's especially impacted governments, who have fallen into deep deficits and have delayed presenting their budgets due to the uncertainty caused by the virus. The federal government, for example, still has not tabled its plan for Canada's economic recovery. However, they have signalled a few times that their plan will include measures to support non-traditional areas, such as clean energy growth.

This is why Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) has launched a campaign called Building for Recovery. In partnership with the Canadian Construction Association, Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Canada and the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada, the campaign has been created to let federal and provincial elected officials know that the construction sector is ready to rebuild Canada's economy. While investments in other areas are important, investing in infrastructure is a proven stimulus measure. Research shows that the return of investment on every dollar spent on public infrastructure is between $2.46 and $3.83.

As governments begin to put together their plans on how to stimulate economic growth, the Building for Recovery campaign will remind them of the importance of investing in infrastructure. The campaign is built around a microsite which houses a grassroots tool allowing those who work in the construction sector to send emails to their local representatives through the click of a button. The goal is to ensure that the federal government and provincial governments continue investing in infrastructure which will help Canada's economic recovery and support everyday Canadians. 

This includes investments in roads and bridges, public transit, housing, schools, hospitals and more. The investments will immediately employ thousands of Canadians and in the long-term will allow for more efficient travel and better public services. While the federal Invest in Canada plan continues to be the largest of its kind, investments through provinces continue to lag behind. This is why the Building for Recovery campaign is asking for these investments to be caught up to spur economic growth and create jobs. The construction sector is again ready to work with government to rebuild Canada. By working together, we can ensure a strong economic recovery for all Canadians. 

To learn more and participate in the campaign, please visit Build for Recovery

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