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Ligchine introduces new laser-guided concrete screed machine

The Ligchine SCREEDSAVER ELITE in operation

The SCREEDSAVER ELITE is the highest performance screed ever developed by Ligchine, and features power, accuracy and a side-shift head for screeding around difficult obstacles. The SCREEDSAVER ELITE is Ligchine's newest laser-guided concrete screed machine to join the SCREEDSAVER line of machines.

The SCREEDSAVER ELITE's all new key features include all-wheel drive, heavy-duty boom sections reaching out to 18 feet, 65-gallon on-board fluid tanks and an on-board pressure washer for clean-up. The game-changing, side-shift head makes it easier to screed around stick-ups in the slab with pinpoint accuracy. 

Other new features include:

  • Bigger screed head: The 12 foot screed head allows for more finished square footage per pass. Decreased screed cycles means faster start-to-finish times.
  • Side-shift head: The side-shift head will allow contractors to use the machine more and be more forgiving in machine placement. The contractor does not need to spend time trying to line up the machine perfectly to clear an obstacle or stay parallel to a wall.
  • All-wheel drive: Ability to drive machine through rough terrain/muddy jobsites. Increased traction when trailering/climbing slopes.
  • Larger fuel tank: Longer run time means more time screeding concrete without interruption.
  • Narrower chassis: Better fit for navigating through smaller doors or onto smaller trailers. Use the screed in jobs that a larger machine would not normally fit.
  • Low profile for increased visibility: New hood design increases safety and speeds up machine positioning for screeding.
  • On-board pressure washer: Convenient for end of the day clean-up or periodic cleaning throughout the concrete placement to prevent concrete build-up.
  • Dual trackers: If desired, a contractor can economically add dual trackers to match surfaces without extra cabling or software.
  • Ability to move downriggers in drive mode: Easily clear obstacles when navigating jobsite without having to change modes.
  • Control system enhancements: Increased screed accuracy and more tuneability to perfect machine movements.

Company info

680 Gerry Way
Darien, WI
US, 53114


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