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Colorbiotics' rejuvenator improves recyclability of asphalt, extends service life

Researcher prepares asphalt specimen for the DCT (Disc Shaped Compact Tension) test
Researcher prepares asphalt specimen for the DCT (Disc Shaped Compact Tension) test.

Colorbiotics has launched Invigorate rejuvenator to increase the use of recycled asphalt and extend asphalt service life.

Invigorate rejuvenator is a soybean oil-derived additive that triggers chemical reactions inside recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and stiff binders to break down asphaltene aggregation and reverse the effects of oxidation in the final mix. While other rejuvenators offer a superficial change to the viscosity of the binder, the Invigorate additive improves the chemical properties of lower-quality binders, addressing aged elements within RAP. This new technology, developed at Iowa State University, improves recyclability of asphalt while still meeting PG and performance-testing specifications.

InvigorateTM rejuvenator being used in a recent highway pavement project near Mason City, Iowa.

"With Invigorate rejuvenator, we have been able to meet specifications and increase usable RAP material to as much as 50%, well beyond the standard 20 to 25% used today," said Dan Staebell, Colorbiotics asphalt business development manager. "That obviously has environmental and economic benefits."

The safety-tested and patented Invigorate additive benefits are reaching beyond initial production and construction.

"We have identified that when using high percentages of RAP, Invigorate rejuvenator makes the asphalt more flexible while maintaining its durability and rut resistance," Staebell said. "That is certainly important for big climate swings in our northern states and fatigue resistance in southern states."

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