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Weldco-Beales releases hydraulic wedge coupler for excavators

Weldco-Beales releases hydraulic wedge coupler for excavators

Weldco-Beales has released the newest addition to their suite of excavator couplers, the patented Hydraulic Lock Series hydraulic wedge coupler.

The new HL Series coupler maintains similar features of the previous hydraulic wedge coupler with an additional hydraulically activated safety-locking feature that effectively eliminates the need for a manual safety lock to be installed after hooking-up to the attachment. 

WBM's Wedge-Style excavator coupler systems (or quick couplers) allow operators to quickly change between attachments in the same machine class. The WBM manual coupler made its debut back in 1987 and the first WT-QC hydraulic coupler was released in 1993 for a JD 790D. The new HL Series Hydraulic Wedge Coupler is the latest evolution of their flagship product.  

The HL Series Coupler utilizes a double-acting hydraulic cylinder to engage and disengage the wedge bar while activating a hydraulic wedge bar safety lock. The safety lock mechanism provides a visual indication of the wedge bar engagement to the operator, allowing the operator to remain inside the cab. The control box is mounted in the operator's cab, equipped with both visual and audible alarm features.  

The HL Wedge Coupler is currently available for 120 to 400 series excavators and is compatible with most factory supplied coupler control units.

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