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Hydra-Screed 3000 enables contractors to shape concrete in half the time

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Curb Roller Manufacturing aims to make concrete flatwork and shapework easier with the Hydra-Screed 3000. The hydraulically powered machine reduces physical labor and accommodates varying lengths of pipe, custom V-flume, crowned roller screed and numerous other profiles.  

The Hydra-Screed HS3000 is a two-operator machine that has the weight and strength to move more than 6 inches of concrete along the pour while allowing operators to remain in a standing position. Eliminating much of the labour required to screed and shape concrete, the HS3000 allows contractors to do flatwork, flumes and more in half the time of alternative methods while allowing a continuous pour approach.  

"Contractors face challenging pours every day," said Seth Ulmer, Curb Roller Manufacturing sales manager. "We're here to help provide the equipment they need to tackle those pours, making them not only possible but profitable." 

The Hydra-Screed system is customizable to different job specifications, accommodating any pour width from 3-30 feet of 6-inch OD 10-gauge pipe or a custom-designed drum for concrete shaping. The hydraulic power of the Hydra-Screed enhances versatility over gas or electric machines, providing added power and the capacity and consistency to operate larger drums for shaped pours. Because of its size capabilities, the Hydra-Screed provides an ideal solution for large applications such as parking lots or streets.  

Unlike a vibrating screed, the HS3000 offers an effective method for pervious paving and low slump concrete, as well as slope paving. The absence of a vibration source eliminates concrete slumping down the slope and ensures more aggregate stays near the top. Besides being ideal for large projects or custom work, the Hydra-Screed can be used for patch and repair work, making it a versatile machine.

Curb Roller Manufacturing's optional Hydra-Pack offers an ideal portable power source for the Hydra-Screed. If a contractor prefers to power the screed with on-site ancillary equipment, the Hydra-Screed comes standard with all of the necessary accessories to utilize hydraulic power from common jobsite equipment such as skid loaders and mini excavators. The hydraulic hoses of the Hydra-Screed are enclosed in a nylon casing, which provides convenience and added safety from potential hydraulic leaks.

Designed with the operator in mind, the Hydra-Screed HS3000 has many features that make operation comfortable and efficient. It's intuitive to operate, with a pivoting, adjustable handle and two-way variable speed control. Competitive models feature a simple on/off switch, which doesn't provide the level of control that's necessary for concrete work. Since moisture and slump levels vary between truckloads, variable speed flexibility allows the spin speed to be adjusted on the fly to accommodate the changing material conditions. Operators can move a single pin, allowing for easy direction change. With removable drive ends, crews can quickly change out different lengths of pipe.

Because of the smooth design of the Hydra-Screed, it requires simple cleaning and maintenance. Other methods, such as boards or vibrating screeds, require an on-site pressure washer to clean the equipment immediately. Because the Hydra-Screed uses a spinning pipe, operators can drag the pipe over an abrasive surface like grass, dirt or sand, to easily clean the equipment.

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