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ACSA reaches 100,000th signup for Construction Safety Training System 2020

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Over 100,000 people in Alberta and beyond have signed up for The Alberta Construction Safety Association's newly refreshed Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) 2020. 

"Reaching this milestone is tremendous. We surpassed all expectations," said ACSA Board Chair, Brad Bent. "Providing quality construction safety training is at the heart of the ACSA. And, for us to be able to provide this training for free to our members and stakeholders helps to ensure that hardworking Albertans are returning home safe every day."

Since launching CSTS 2020 on September 9, 2019, the ACSA has offered the program for free. To date, 100,000 people have signed up for the 3-hour CSTS 2020 Fundamentals course, and the ACSA has accumulated almost 300,000 sign ups for CSTS 2020 add-on modules.

"Safety training should be accessible to all. By offering CSTS 2020 for free, we are not only making Alberta work sites safer, but we are also helping struggling employers and workers—including those looking for work—to reduce their costs," said ACSA CEO, Dan MacLennan. "I'm proud of the ACSA Board and staff for their work in making CSTS 2020 a huge success."

CSTS 2020 is an upgraded version of ACSA's CSTS-09, and includes a three-hour CSTS 2020 Fundamentals course and 18 five- to 15-minute add-on modules. CSTS 2020 serves as the industry-standard, general construction site safety orientation for workers that are new or returning to the construction industry.

"CSTS has long been Alberta's construction industry standard as site pre-qual general orientation. Our improvements in flexible course access have expanded availability both on- and off-site, saving time and resources for all. The new customizable add-on modules allow employers to custom fit the training to meet their individual work site needs," said ACSA COO, Tammy Hawkins. "You can take the training from anywhere, on your phone or tablet, and be site-ready in three hours."

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