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Fleet management software from Geotab shows driver performance reports

Mack vocational truck on the road

Volvo has released Geotab Connected by Mack and Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks, which are new integrated, expandable open telematics platforms for fleet managers and drivers which includes access to fleet management, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and driver compliance solutions.

Geotab Connected by Mack

Geotab Connected by Mack is a cloud-based platform and requires no additional installation or hardware on 2015 and newer Mack truck models.

Included in Geotab Connected is Geotab Drive, an ELD application launched by Mack in 2019 which leverages cloud computing via Geotab. The device, factory-installed in every Mack vehicle, sends engine and positional data to the cloud, which then generates automatic duty status logs. The driver can access these through the Geotab Drive app on a mobile device, allowing for an easy-to-use option to receive a comprehensive and accurate record of duty status.

The cloud enables reports for Hours of Service, Records of Duty Status and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports. With no pairing process required, the vehicle will continue to record data regardless of the connection status of the mobile unit. Wireless interference will not impact reporting.

Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks

The new Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks is an expandable, cloud-based platform for fleet managers and drivers. Fully integrating the Geotab fleet management solution via factory-fit telematics hardware, the latest solution from Volvo Trucks eliminates the need for additional hardware installation on Volvo trucks. Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks is compatible with all 2015 and newer Volvo Trucks models powered by Volvo engines. 

Fully expandable, Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks can help customers to better optimize their fleet while also helping to enhance productivity, improve driver safety and increase compliance and sustainability measurement. When using Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks, fleet managers can access activity reports, driver performance reports, delivery schedules and more, as well as monitor vehicle locations all through a simple, user-friendly dashboard. In addition, accurate data measurement can help reduce operating costs and environmental impact by improving fuel efficiency. Customers also have 24/7 access to the Volvo Trucks Uptime Center should they need any assistance with the platform.
Geotab Drive + Fleet for Volvo Trucks includes Geotab Drive for Volvo Trucks, a cloud-based system that delivers accurate operator and vehicle logs in compliance with the federal Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandates. Enabling drivers to easily record hours of service status and complete vehicle inspections from their smartphone or tablet, Geotab Drive for Volvo Trucks, launched in the fall of 2019, allows fleet managers to stay up-to-date with real-time access to information in the MyGeotab app, including detailed reports on driver logs, service hours and other alerts.

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