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Liebherr launches self-service concrete plant to save time and cut costs

liebherr selfservice plant
Self-service concrete plant in operation at a building material supplier.

With a market launch in summer 2020 that will offer quick and easy access to high quality concrete, the new self-service concrete plant from Liebherr will make this possible. 

It gives building material suppliers a unique opportunity to supply their customers, such as small professional buyers or DIYers, in a flexible manner. Due to the adjustable concrete discharge, the concrete can be collected by anything from small trailers right up to large truck mixers.

Thanks to the innovative business model and the simple operation of the self-service concrete plant, small customers can be served with concrete in a time-saving and cost-effective self-collection operation. Buyers of the self-service concrete plant can further extend their portfolio: Their customers would then be able to obtain fresh concrete from the same supplier as their other building materials, which would provide considerable added value. The target group here in particular is the "professional small customer" (gardeners and landscapers, fence construction, stone setters, civil engineering, DIYers).

Simple operation via QR code reader on the operating system for self-collection by the customer.

The principle is based on the fact that the end customer can select their individually required quantity of concrete from a range of different concrete and screed types from 0.15 cbm. This enables the operating company of the self-service concrete plant to meet all individual customer requirements. The entire vehicle is then positioned under the plant. The mixing process can be started easily and conveniently by QR-code. Within the next 2 to 3 minutes the fresh concrete is delivered directly into the trailer or truck mixer.

This elaborate concept is rounded off with criteria that are crucial for the operating company in terms of competition: The supply of small quantities of 0.15 to 2.0 cbm as well as customer-friendly opening hours, on weekdays and also on Saturdays, can be implemented without any problems thanks to the high degree of automation of the self-service concrete plant and without significant additional outlay. In addition, great importance was attached to ensuring a high degree of mobility of the plant during its development. The self-service concrete plant is therefore designed in such a way that both containers can be transported with only one truck. This should avoid lengthy authorization procedures. The completed plant requires a floor space of approx. 100 m2.

The self-service concrete plant offers building material dealers or gravel pit/quarry pit operators the ideal opportunity to offer their customers an additional service offering and at the same time further expand their unique selling points.

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