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SENNEBOGEN appoints manager of new tree care equipment line

Greg Roberts will fill the position of Tree Care Manager for the manufacturer's new line of tree care handling machines

Greg Roberts
Greg Roberts

SENNEBOGEN has appointed Greg Roberts to the position of Tree Care Manager for the manufacturer's new line of tree care handling machines.

Constantino Lannes, President of SENNEBOGEN, said, "I'm very happy to have a bona fide tree care person taking the lead for bringing this product line to market. Greg is someone who has an in-depth understanding of the entire tree process, with experience supporting arboriculture dealers as well as tree care businesses." 

As Tree Care Manger, Roberts undertakes the responsibility for growing and managing the company's tree care division including the SENNEBOGEN 718 and 738 tree handlers. His role will be to deliver field-based customer service including application support to end users, dealer development, sales training and product demonstration. 

"It's a huge challenge but it's an exciting challenge," says Roberts. "I've seen a lot of machines on the job and it's not often you see one that just stops you in your tracks."

A familiar face

Roberts is a well-known figure in the tree industry, with 15 years on the job for equipment manufacturers serving arboriculture, biomass and forestry sectors. Through these various roles, he has gained first-hand knowledge of the processes and machinery used in the field, and of the challenges faced by customers.

"I think that what I bring to SENNEBOGEN customers is an understanding of the whole tree process, from beginning of the harvest to, for instance, converting it into energy. Looking at the entire picture lets me see where customers fit and new equipment can help them. I think I have all the tools to make the SENNEBOGEN machines extremely successful."

Tree care specialists

The SENNEBOGEN rubber-tired 718 M is a 47,180 lb. (21,400 kg) purpose-built tree care machine equipped with a hydraulic tree saw and grapple attached to its 43 ft. (13 m) telescoping boom. Its high-rise and tilting Maxcab operator station elevates the operator for an unobstructed view into the work zone. Its powerful hydraulics provides lifting capacity to grip, load, and stack up to 3,700 lb. (1,700 kg), with the precise controls necessary to let operators perform delicate tree surgery. The 738 M provides similar capabilities on a larger scale: a 95,700 lb. (43,500 kg) machine with 75 ft. (23 m) reach is built to work off-road in heavy land clearing and right-of-way maintenance.

Roberts says that his initial focus will be on building awareness of the SENNEBOGEN brand and familiarity with the 718 and 738 tree handlers. "I'll be working to increase our demo capacity so more people have a chance to touch and feel and see what these machines can do. The more exposure this machine has, the more successful it will be. These machines certainly have a ‘wow' factor to them."

Company info

1957 Sennebogen Trail
Stanley, NC
US, 28164


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