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Doosan wheel loader loads more in less passes

The machine offers a two-pass fill for 24-ton capacity trucks

Doosan wheel loader loads more in less passes

Doosan has expanded its wheel loader lineup with the new DL580-5 wheel loader. The machine offers users a two-pass fill wheel loader for over-the-road, 24-ton capacity trucks, improving operational efficiency and reducing load-out cycle times.

The Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader is designed to serve users in mining and aggregate work, and it is capable of heavy-duty construction tasks. This model is able to move large amounts of abrasive material while providing operators with comfort and increased uptime. The DL580-5 also serves the operator and owner with its efficiency of offering the two-pass fill and bucket selections that are made to last through harsh material handling tasks.

Performance features

A key feature of the new DL580-5 wheel loader is its ability to fill a 24-ton, over-the-road truck in just two passes. Also, the wheel loader is equipped with an enhanced front work group that features a reinforced Z-bar, a larger profile arm and lift cylinder geometry that work together to improve lifting capacity and performance. 

The model also has a larger volume steering pump and cylinders, which help to maintain steering efficiency with larger loaded weights. In addition, Doosan provides a heavier counterweight to offset larger load capacities. 

To improve braking efficiency with larger loaded weights, the DL580-5 is designed with heavier front and rear axles with six-disc outboard brakes on each hub. The standard double circuit axle coolers improve durability and proper braking efficiency and protects against overheating of the axle assemblies via active cooling and dual radiators, including sensor based automatic temperature regulations.

Electric steering comes standard on the new DL580-5 and can be adjusted with a left-hand control. The machine is outfitted with lower profile tires on a larger diameter and wider rim for enhanced traction. Like all Doosan wheel loaders, the DL580-5 comes standard with a rearview camera for exceptional visibility. 

Bucket capabilities 

To pair with the new DL580-5 wheel loader, owners can choose from three new aggregate buckets that can be utilized with the machine to maximize material moving rates. Their SAE heaped capacities include 8, 9 and 10 cubic yards. The new aggregate buckets are designed for use with the new model with the intended purpose of moving large amounts of aggregate material and are built to withstand the abrasive nature of the material. 

The three aggregate buckets approved for use with the DL580-5 are constructed of high-strength alloy steel, allowing for an oversized capacity and durability. They provide SAE heaped capacity at 100 percent; however, the design of the buckets allow for 110 percent overfill — to account for moisture density of material for wetter substrate. The buckets also feature a flat-bottom design that improves pile penetration using less forward driving force that provides fuel savings to the operator and owner. As well, the bucket's side profile design features an arch structure that improves material retention with less spillage. Available are full width coverage bolt-on cutting edges to maximize wear life and an optional internal wear liner for improved wear protection from abrasive materials. 

Smarter weighing

Available as an option for the new Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader is the Trimble LOADRITE L3180 SmartScale. The LOADRITE L3180 SmartScale uses weighing intelligence and solid-state sensors for more accurate, precise and faster loading. It also can connect machines and devices for the collection and syncing of data via the built-in WiFi to InsightHQ reporting portal. InsightHQ consolidates live, operational information from Trimble LOADRITE devices on loaders, excavators and conveyors across the site to provide near-real-time productivity and performance reports for extraction, processing and load-out operations.

Adding to its current lineup of wheel loaders, the Doosan DL580-5 is the 12th model available in the product category. The smallest model — a 142-hp DL200 — to the newest and largest model provides Doosan users with a wide range of wheel loader offerings to best meet their horsepower, operating weight and capacity needs.

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