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Cummins releases extended warranty for Performance Series

ENCOMPASS Extra program provides up to 5 years of coverage with unlimited hours

The Cummins Performance Series line up
The Cummins Performance Series line up

Cummins has introduced a new ENCOMPASS Extra extended warranty program for its latest F3.8, B4.5, B6.7 and L9 Performance Series engines used in construction, logging, agriculture, oil and gas, power unit and g-drive applications.  

Cummins' standard engine warranty is 2 years or 2,000 hours whichever occurs first.  Or, 1 year with unlimited hours if the 2,000 hours is exceeded in the first year. The new ENCOMPASS Extra program provides a range of engine coverage options up to 5 years with unlimited hours (8,000 hours on the F3.8 engine). It can cover parts and labor or parts, labor and travel depending on customer needs. Additional coverage is also available for the Cummins aftertreatment to provide the same protection level as with the engine.  

Performance Series engines from 100 - 430 hp (75 - 321 kW) deliver on average 10 percent more power and 20 percent more torque than previous models. Featuring a less complex design with no EGR, the reduced weight and size make them easier and cheaper to install. The latest Single Module aftertreatment system facilitates easier packaging, being up to 20 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the previous system. 

Cummins' higher power density enables equipment manufacturers to produce machines with more capability.  Alternatively, they can consider using engines of smaller displacement to save cost without impacting machine operation. 

Suitable applications for the construction and materials handling industry include excavators, wheeled loaders, fork trucks, cranes, container handlers, rollers, compactors, compressors and many more.

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