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Rammer launches new member of updated and improved Excellence Line of hammers

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The Rammer 9033E debuted at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020.

The latest member of Rammer's Excellence Line of hammers, the 9033E, has been revealed to the public at CONEXPO/CON-AGG. Designed for carriers in the 65 - 120 t (143,300 lb - 264,600 lb) range, the 7,400 kg (16,310 lb) 9033E has all the features found on existing members of the Excellence Line, but in a size and format that delivers the extra punch demanded on major quarrying and demolition projects. Its design means that the 9033E is, however, able to work quietly, with a guaranteed sound level of 131 dB LWA (sound power level of measured 127 dB LWA).

With its new customer-focused features, the Excellence Line demonstrates Rammer's commitment to assisting businesses to enhance their performance. The updated/upgraded Excellence Line underlines Rammer's desire to constantly renew its offering to meet changing customer requirements.

The Excellence Line comprises state-of-the-art hydraulic hammers that are ready for all rock breaking requirements. A key feature is that safety is at the heart of operation across the whole range, whether the hammer is being used in a quarry, on a demolition project, tunnel or any other application. The newly updated range now includes integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes.

RD3 and ‘MyFleet' Telematics service

One of the major developments within the Excellence Line is Rammer's purpose-developed RD3 remote monitoring device - a first of its kind on hammers. RD3 is a standard feature on all Rammer Excellence Line hammers, it is also available as on option for Rammer Performance Line hammers and as retrofit-kit for older Rammer hammers. The new Telematics solution is more advanced and is based on customer feedback. Additionally, RD3 uses the Rammer MyFleet Telematics service to track and monitor fleet equipment usage without the need to go to site to collect data. This cloud based system enables the hammers to be viewed and monitored via Google maps.

Operationally, RD3 provides the information that businesses need to get the very best from their hammers. The system enables remote monitoring of total operating hours for new units and comes with a new hammer feature, the ‘hour meter', linked to the unit's serial number to measure the exact number of hours it has worked. This enables more accurate invoicing (for example, in the case of hire companies or contractors), proactive or scheduled servicing and enables an accurate value to be set if the unit is sold or traded. The system also enables owners and managers of fleets to know exactly where their equipment is and how it is being used. As well as using the MyFleet service, Rammer's new remote monitoring device also draws heavily on the latest version of Rammer's Ramdata system.

As well as RD3, Rammer's ever-developing customer-focused outlook is demonstrated through a host of further new features - for example, lower tool bushing rotation and easy replacement in the field which increasing lifetime and reduced operating costs. This is further reflected through the use of two tool retaining pins that increase the lifetime of the tool and retaining pins, also the lifetime of the tool bushings. An IBP on/off selector is fitted to the valve body, enabling easy field adjustments (available for all medium and large hammers 1655E and upwards) with separate greasing channels from the valve body to the upper and lower tool bushing further increasing tool/tool bushing lifetime. New, robust plastic wear-resistant plates for optimum hammer protection and noise reduction are also now fitted.

The Excellence Line has been designed so that it is now even easier to adjust Idle Blow Protection (IBP) in the field, decreasing both operating and maintenance costs. IBP ensures that the hammer cannot be operated until pressure is placed on the tool. It also protects the tool from failure and tie rod stress, reduces oil overheating and protects against premature failures. In addition, all large Rammer hammers have another "easy in the field" adjustable feature: Stroke Selector. This allows the operator to optimize hammer operation according to material and application, either to more frequent lower power strokes in softer material or to fewer high power strokes in hard material.

New separate greasing channels from the valve body to the lower and upper tool bushing enable optimum greasing for both bushings, increasing the lifetime of the tool and tool bushings, saving money on maintenance costs. The latter is achieved due to the upgraded Rammer Ramlube II, an on-hammer automatic greasing device, with separate dozers to adjust optimum grease amounts to tool bushings and an easily changed grease cartridge which provides ease of maintenance in the field. Also, the rotation or replacement of the lower tool bushing in the field is now done by removing the easy-to-use pin.

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