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New Ammann soil compactors feature reduced operating costs

Ammann ARS 110 Soil Compactor

Ammann announces the release of a new line of soil compactors that provide substantial sustainability benefits, lower operating costs and powerful compaction output.

The Ammann ARS Soil Compactors also offer a host of features that make operation intuitive and the machines more manoeuvrable.

The new soil compactors are the ARS 70, ARS 110, ARS 130, ARS 150 and ARS 170.

"New machines are developed to deliver solutions to our customers," said Vlasta Medek, Global Commercial Compaction. "That is always our goal."

The new generation of ARS Soil Compactors feature new technological solutions that are more productive, meet the latest emissions standards, reduce fuel usage and provide valuable data that actually eliminates unnecessary passes of the machines on jobsites. The compactors are also extremely maneuverable and stable thanks to the no-rear-axle structure.

The ARS series provides these new features while continuing to deliver the powerful compaction output owners of Ammann rollers have come to expect. A variable range of frequencies and centrifugal forces provide the required compaction ability and make the machines productive in many applications - and on varied materials and compaction thicknesses.

Sustainability and Reduced Operating Costs

Sustainability efforts centre on the new ECOdrop initiative that is being utilised across the Ammann product line. Among the benefits of ECOdrop are improved machine serviceability with optimised service points and engine efficiency that leads to lower fuel costs. Hydraulic and vibratory components have been optimised to reduce the fluids required to run the systems while retaining high power output.

"The savings with ECOdrop are substantial," said Medek. "For example, with the ARS 70, fuel consumption dropped 22 percent. The required hydraulic oil dropped by 26 percent and the oil needed in the vibratory system was reduced by 10 percent. Customers therefore can expect a corresponding drop in the costs of fluid acquisition and disposal."

The new series of soil compactors meets the tightest emissions regulations. Standard on the ARS 70 is the Kubota V3307-CR-TE4 diesel engine.  The Deutz TCD3.6L4 engine is standard on the ARS 110 and ARS 130; the Deutz TCD4.1L4 is standard on the ARS 150 and ARS 170.

Ammann ARS 170 Soil Compactor on the jobsite.


The rollers are extremely compact because of the innovative no-rear-axle concept, which efficiently positions the engine, coolers, liquid tanks and hydraulic components in the engine compartment. All these new design innovations enable a unique range of new technical advantages - maneuverability chief among them.

"These modifications help the operator perform on jobsites where maneuverabilityis essential," said Medek.

The ARS 70, the smallest machine in the new line, is one of the most maneuverable compactors on the market. It is a full 845 mm (33.2 in) - or 16 per cent - shorter than the previous generation. The turning radius is improved 20 per cent (from 3200 mm to 2580 mm/from 126 in to 101.6 in) because of optimized weight distribution, improved stability and a new maintenance-free articulation joint.

For the other new ARS Soil Compactors, the average turning radius is tighter by 3 per cent (an average reduction of 100 mm (3.9 in) from the previous generation). Machine length is reduced an average of 170 mm (6.7 in).

Intuitive Operation

The premium, comfortable cab has an extremely low sound level and integrated ROPS frame. The multi-functional machine display, which is now integrated into the steering wheel, gives the operator a quick and easy overview of key indicators including oil pressure, engine temperature, fluid levels - and more.

The machines' 360° visibility maximizes performance and delivers the highest safety standards.


Service is easy, thanks to a wide-opening rear engine hood. A tiltable cab on the ARS 110-170 enables exceptional access to the main hydraulic components, which significantly reduces labour. Filling and draining ports are centralized for fast and easy fluid exchanges. All major filters and the cooling system are extremely accessible as well.

Additional Features

The proprietary ACEforce Intelligent Compaction system measures absolute compaction and improves efficiency and quality. Optional documentation is available as well.

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