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Michelin adds new size to Tweel skid-steer tire lineup

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Michelin has debuted a new X TWEEL SSL 2 AT airless tire solution for skid steers. The new tire  is a 10N16.5 size.

Designed for predominant off-road applications, the Michelin 10N16.5 X TWEEL SSL 2 AT is constructed with a 31/32-inch tread depth with 10/32-inch of undertread. This all-terrain version utilizes an embedded 8-bolt mechanically interlocked hub to increase durability. The outer core tread can be retreaded for an effective total cost of ownership. Michelin X Tweel SSL 2 AT is available in the United States and Canada.

The TWEEL SSL 2 is designed with:

  • Improved shear beam construction that maximizes core life.
  • New spoke formulation that provides up to 10 times greater spoke life.
  • Maximum load of 3,700 pounds.

The Michelin X TWEEL SSL 2 HST in the 10N16.5 size will be available in June. This model is designed predominantly for hard-surface applications. The HST is designed with 48/32-inch of tread depth to increase wear in high-scrub applications.

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