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Tigercat expands harvesting head product line

Company has released a four-wheel drive head for roadside processing

Tigercat harvesting head

Tigercat continues to expand its range of harvesting heads with the 568 harvesting head, a four-wheel drive head for roadside processing.

Timed knife arms and triangulated wheel arms allow the operator to pick quickly from the pile and to maintain positive tree contact when feeding. The floating front knife and fixed back knife ensure quality delimbing. Single- or dual-track measuring wheels with a horizontally pivoting trailing-arm design, along with priority-flow length measuring, provide superior length accuracy.

The four-wheel and two-wheel auto-shift drive system provides extra power and positive grip when feeding large trees, fast speed in smaller trees, and full manual control when needed. The 568 starts in four wheel, maximizing feed force for faster acceleration and to quickly power through bigger trees. As the load drops, it automatically shifts to two wheel, improving efficiency and increasing feed speed. The system shifts back and forth with no operator input required, all while maintaining precise and accurate length measurements.

D5 control system

The 568 harvesting head uses the Tigercat D5 control system. The system allows the operator to monitor lengths, diameters and species in real-time to ensure maximum productivity with a simple and intuitive Tigercat-developed user interface. The Tigercat D5 control system is available in three levels of bucking control and reporting: Tigercat D5 Prio, Tigercat D5 Prio PC and Tigercat D5 Optimization, allowing operators to tailor the system to their needs.

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