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Western Global to feature mobile refueller at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Mobile refueller helps eliminate unnecessary downtime on jobsites due to fuel delivery wait times

Western Global to feature mobile refueller at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Western Global has introduced the TransCube Cab mobile refueller, which will be displayed at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. The cab is mounted to a U.S. DOT-approved galvanized trailer and is transportable when full of fuel. The tank is double-walled and fully contained to ensure the safest and most environmental storage and transfer of fuel.

The TransCube Cab mobile refueller helps eliminate unnecessary downtime on jobsites that can be associated with waiting for fuel delivery. Customers can opt for on-site fuel with the mobile refueller to help take control of their fuel supply. This safe and reliable solution can be used at any location that requires refuelling of construction or auxiliary equipment.

The mobile refueller is mounted to a galvanized steel trailer that protects from rust and corrosion. The trailer comes fully equipped with backlights and electric brakes for easy transportation to and around jobsites. Convenient corner brackets on the fuel tanks make them easy to lift by a crane when detached from the trailer. The tanks also feature four-way forklift pockets, which makes them convenient to maneuver around a jobsite. They are easily stackable – two high when full and three high when empty. 

The TransCube Cab tank features a 110 percent fuel containment design with a weather-proof secondary containment. In the unlikely case that it's needed, the equipment's design effectively captures and contains any potential drops or spills. This ensures not only safe and environmentally compliant transport, but also helps avoid serious fines that can accompany fuel spills. 

In addition, the TransCube Cab features a large, lockable equipment cabinet. Tanks with externally mounted pumps and equipment are vulnerable to weather, theft and vandalism. The equipment cabinet on the TransCube Cab secures all equipment and ports, while also capturing any accidental drips or spills. This additional layer of safety and security means contractors and jobsite managers can rest easy knowing their fuel is protected.

The refueller's all-steel construction and access manway enable durability and easy access to the inner tank. This access allows for hassle-free routine maintenance that ensures a long life of the tank.

The TransCube Cab is available in 258 gallons (976 litres), 483 gallons (1,830 litres) and 727 gallons (2,751 litres). Western Global offers a variety of accessories, filters, hoses and couplers.

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