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Genie hybrid articulating boom lift takes on jobs indoors and outdoors

Newest model provides compact, rough-terrain, low-emissions performance

Genie hybrid articulating boom lift takes on jobs indoors and outdoors

The Genie Z-45 FE hybrid articulating boom lift eliminates the need for customers to manage two separate fleets of machines – one for indoors, one for outdoors – and responds to increased demand worldwide for versatile and cost-effective "green" access solutions in the 52-foot (16 m) range. 

Designed with productivity in mind, the hybrid Genie Z-45 FE boom features an unrestricted range of motion and a maximum lift capacity of 660 pounds (300 kg).

Efficient and quiet performance

Enhancing drive performance and simplifying maintenance, the lift features high-efficiency AC drive motors that provide similar torque as hydraulic drive motors while using 30–40 percent less energy. 

To adhere to specific low noise or low emissions requirements on sensitive jobsites, this new model boasts zero-noise operation for use in urban or nighttime environments, as well as zero-emissions operation for use in indoor applications and emissions-restricted outdoor environments. 

Eco-friendly operation

Responding to today's increasing environmental challenges and stricter jobsite regulations, the hybrid Genie Z-45 FE boom lift combines the power and performance of typical 4WD diesel machines, with the quiet, clean efficiency of 100 percent electric powered units. 

The Genie Z-45 FE can operate in two modes: all-electric or hybrid. In "all-electric" mode, it provides the ability to work a full shift on a single battery charge. In "hybrid" mode, it offers more than a week of run time on a single tank of diesel. 

While operating in "hybrid" mode, the Genie Z-45 FE boom lift utilizes a 24.8 hp (18.5 kW) Kubota D1105 T4F/Stage 5 engine-powered generator to maintain the state of charge of the batteries. This mechanically controlled engine has no after-treatment or low-sulphur fuel requirements. By requiring 30 percent less fuel than typical 49 hp (36.5 kW) diesel machines, the hybrid boom has the ability to run for a full shift on an overnight battery charge.

The hybrid system also allows the machine to recover energy generated when braking or descending inclines, which is in turn used to recharge its batteries. The Genie Z-45 FE boom comes standard with high-capacity 335Ah maintenance-free AGM batteries.

Equipped with modern technology

To increase performance, decrease calibration time and improve the overall productivity, the Genie FE model also has the ability to do zero-load field calibration for platform capacity. 

Spec'd to get work done

Designed to optimize productivity while working at height, the Genie Z-45 FE boom lift has a maximum working height of 51 feet 8 inches (15.92 m), a maximum horizontal outreach of 22 feet 9 inches (6.94 m), a maximum up-and-over reach of 24 feet 7 inches (7.50 m) and a 660-pound (300 kg) maximum lift capacity in the 52-foot (16-m) hybrid boom lift class. And, its 5-foot (1.52 m) articulating jib with a 135-degree vertical rotation provides the ability to position workers accurately.

The Z-45 FE also offers the advantage of being lightweight (14,460 pounds / 6,559 kg for ANSI and CSA machines; 14,500 pounds / 6,577 kg for CE machines) with a compact footprint (width – 7 feet 6 inches / 2.29 m; wheelbase – 6 feet 8 inches / 2.03 m; ground clearance – 1 foot 4 inches / 0.41 m) to handle tasks in confined spaces. 

It is equipped as standard with foamed-filled, non-marking all-terrain tires, which add to the machine's outdoor and indoor versatility. 

Additional models available

Genie offers two machine variants to complete its "green" 45-foot (13.92 m) articulated boom product offering – the Genie Z-45 DC and the Genie Z-45/25 DC models. 

The Genie Z-45 DC boom is an all-electric drive system, built on the same chassis as the Genie Z-45 FE model, offering operators robust 4WD performance perfect for working in rough-terrain conditions in low-noise and low-emission applications requiring more than 500-pound (227 kg) machine capacity.

The Genie Z-45/25 DC boom is an all-electric system, built on the legacy Genie articulated boom chassis, offering operators reliable 2WD performance ideally suited for work on concrete slabs and areas requiring narrow access of 5 feet 10 inches (2 m) or less or zero tail swing, such as indoor maintenance and facilities tasks, as well as work in parking lots and warehouses.

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