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Case pneumatic tire roller built for sub-base and asphalt compaction on large-scale projects

New Tier 4 Final pneumatic tire roller helps increase productivity and asphalt compaction quality

Case PT240D pneumatic tire roller

Case Construction Equipment's all-new Tier 4 Final PT240D pneumatic tire roller has an operating weight of 21,380 pounds (52,910 pounds at full ballast), a turbocharged 100-hp Deutz engine and a compaction width of 78.2 inches. It is built for sub-base and asphalt compaction on large-scale road and highway projects, airport runways and other large commercial developments.

This pneumatic tire roller is designed to achieve compaction in fewer passes and provide improved penetration and compaction density ideal for today's asphalt paving applications requiring tight density tolerances.

The tire configuration (four in front, four in back) with two-inch tire overlap "kneads" hot mix asphalt gently at the surface as it rolls across it. The result is greater asphalt density and fewer possibilities for voids that can lead to flaws/deterioration. The PT240D is designed to handle up to 31,530 pounds of ballast – including steel, sand and water – to meet the compaction requirements of any job. A large polyethylene water tank supplies a pressurized water feed system to prevent asphalt from sticking to the tires – and, at 103 gallons, allows operators to run for longer periods of time without refilling.  

The PT240D also features an iso-static front axle that allows each of the front tires to oscillate – helping to maintain contact with the ground at all times to minimize bridging and maximize compaction. It also features a standard automatic central tire inflation system that ensures consistent pressure to all eight tires and allows for easy adjustment of tire pressure to meet ground conditions and compaction needs. The machine's specially designed tire configuration and long wheelbase provide reliable, uniform material compaction.

Dual operator stations provide maximum visibility to either side of the machine, and feature comfortable suspension seats and advanced ergonomic controls designed for operators of all experience levels.

The PT240D achieves Tier 4 Final compliance with a fuel-efficient and maintenance-free combination DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) aftertreatment system. There is no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or associated lifetime service costs. All fluid ports, drains and service checkpoints are grouped for simplified maintenance procedures.

Standard features include a fixed ROPS open platform with anti-vandalism cover, an array of halogen work lights for improved jobsite safety and visibility, and an easy-to-use tilt-open hood, and spin-on fuel, engine oil and hydraulic filters for streamlined maintenance. An upgraded frame design with improved tie-downs simplifies transportation.

Optional equipment includes a sealed, heated cab with HVAC and radio, thermal aprons for keeping the tires warm in cooler weather, tiltable scrapers, locking rear differential and more. The PT240D is also available with CASE SiteWatch Telematics – including hardware and 3-year Advanced data subscription.

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