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Takeuchi breaks ground on new training centre

Men with shovels break ground
Pictured (from left to right): Jim Shaw, Tom Crow, Clay Eubanks, Jeff Stewart, James Tipton and John Scott.

Takeuchi-US held a ground-breaking ceremony on October 11 for a new training facility set to open in spring 2020. The new centre will allow dealers from North America and around the globe to gain knowledge about Takeuchi products, and offer year-round service training to its growing dealer network. 

The company is expanding from their current training environment, which the manufacturer has used since relocating to Pendergrass, Georgia, in 2006. The new building will be 37,500 square feet on 9.45 acres. It will feature two dedicated service training classrooms and workshop areas, workspace for the training department, two flex-space training rooms, two flex-space meeting rooms, a cafeteria and a kitchen area that can hold 90 people, and a 7,500-square-foot covered demo area. 

"This new training facility will give us the opportunity to train more dealer staff, conduct year-round training and take our training programs to the next level. Takeuchi is dedicated to providing cutting-edge training to best educate our dealers, and we are very excited to open the doors and invite our dealer network to participate in this exciting next step with us," said Jeff Stewart vice president/general manager of Takeuchi-US.  

Breaking ground alongside Mr. Stewart and Mr. Clay Eubanks, president Takeuchi-US, were Jim Shaw, chamber president of Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Tom Crow, district one commissioner for Jackson County, James Tipton, president and owner of Tipton Construction, and John Scott, vice president and director of economic development. 

"This signifies the growth of Takeuchi and all that we have accomplished thus far with our training efforts. Our expectations for the new training center will be to provide relevant and safe equipment training to all of our dealers," said Mr. Eubanks. "By building this new training centre, it allows us to invest in our community and bring more jobs and opportunities to Jackson County."

Company info

519 Bonnie Valentine Way
Pendergrass, GA
US, 30567


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