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Terex Ecotec shapes its future at Global Dealer Conference

The Terex Ecotec Global Dealer Conference took place at an impressive set up on the factory floor at the Terex Campsie facility.
The Terex Ecotec Global Dealer Conference took place at an impressive set up on the factory floor at the Terex Campsie facility.

Terex Ecotec, recently welcomed over 100 distributors and customers from across the world to its recent Global Dealer Conference, which took place from 25-27 September, 2019 at its brand new Terex Campsie facility in Northern Ireland. 

Under the theme ‘Shaping Our Future' the conference brought together its distributor network and customers to see the facility for the first time, set out its comprehensive product portfolio—including the unveiling of four new products to be launched this year—and shared its vision for the future alongside partnering with their global distribution network for success. 

The Terex Ecotec product line has grown significantly since it was established in 2014 as a response to meet the specialized needs of customers in the growing waste management and recycling sector. Tony Devlin, Business Line Director for Terex Ecotec commented, "Terex Ecotec has evolved considerably since our last dealer conference was held in 2015, when we were essentially a new entrant to the environmental market. Today, we are a major player in the industry, which has been achieved together with continual investment in our business as well as through the support of our distributors."

The complete package for Biomass production was on show in the waste wood area at RiverRidge, Maydown facility using Terex Ecotec equipment (TSS 390, TDS V20 and TMS 320).

The dealer conference took place at an impressive set up on the factory floor at the Terex Campsie facility, with presentations on the business and strategy going forward, new product development, telematics and future technological developments, conveyor product developments, technical support and training, spare parts, marketing, and partnering for success, to include support being offered by Terex Financial Solutions. 

A dramatic curtain drop unveiling of the new TSS 390 Wheeled Single Shaft Shredder was extremely well received by attendees, who also enjoyed a tour of the facility to see the production lines where the Terex Ecotec product is being manufactured.

The proceedings at the Terex Campsie facility were followed with an impressive array of live machine demonstrations at the nearby RiverRidge, Maydown facility, Northern Ireland's largest, and most diversified independent waste management company.  Different applications were processed to demonstrate the capability of the new machines, with the TWH Waste Handlers being used to load the material.  

Attendees watch green waste material being processed by Terex Ecotec’s TBG 630 High Speed Shredder, producing a high quality end product ready for composting, which was fed into the TFC 75 Organics Conveyor

The new TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder reduced the bulky waste material with ease.  Green waste material was processed by the TBG 630 High Speed Shredder, producing a high quality end product ready for composting.  This fed into the TFC 75 Organics Conveyor, which helped to further aerate the material with its auger system and efficiently create a large stockpile - saving on material handling costs.  

The complete package for Biomass production was on show in the waste wood area, with the TSS 390 Single Shaft Shredder slow speed primary shredder feeding into the TDS V20 Medium Speed Shredder. The high spec biomass product produced by the TDS V20 then fed into the TMS 320 Metal Separator, which removed ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants to leave a clean, high quality, finished biomass product.

Global manufacturer Terex unveils their new £12m facility in Campsie, Northern Ireland. Photographed at the event are Kieran Hegarty, President, Terex Materials Processing and Tony Devlin, Business Line Director, Terex Ecotec, along with some of the new recruits at Terex Campsie.

Attendees also had the opportunity to sample the hospitality Derry has to offer with a dinner and awards ceremony—taking place in the iconic Guildhall which provided a striking backdrop. Five awards were presented: Best New Dealer, which went to GM Recycling, Best Year-On-Year Growth, which went to Warwick Ward Machinery Ltd., Best Overall Performance, which went to Molson, Best Year-On-Year Parts Growth, which went to Warwick Ward Machinery Ltd., and Best Overall Parts Performance, which went to Molson.

Tony Devlin continues, ""The event was a huge success with comments from distributors stating they appreciated the opportunity to tour our new facility, meet our expanding team, learn about our plans for the future, and get to see our new products in action for the first time. The unveiling of the new products created a particular excitement, and we are excited to formally launch these products to market before the end of the year." 

Following Terex Ecotec's Global Dealer Conference, Terex formally opened its Campsie facility to representatives from educational, political and business institutions in the area, when invited guests and local school students toured the Terex Campsie facility, learned about the products being manufactured there as well as career opportunities at Terex. 

Kieran Hegarty, President Terex Materials Processing said at the event, "Our objective is to be recognised as a leading global manufacturer in the waste management, recycling and mobile conveying sectors. Our Terex Campsie facility will enable us to realise this ambition."

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