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Maxwell Systems Launches New Branding that Reinforces Commitment to Empowering Construction Companies

As the All-in-one Source for Construction Solutions, Maxwell Systems Empowers Contractors to More Profitably Run, Grow, and Transform their Construction Businesses

Maxwell Systems Launches New Branding that  Reinforces Commitment to Empowering Construction Companies

Maxwell Systems, Inc., a leading provider of construction management software solutions, expert services, and best practices, today announced that it has launched a rebrand of its company. The rebrand initiative includes a new visual identity and a new tagline, Empowering Construction™.

The new brand reinforces the company's ability to partner with construction professionals as the industry's only all-in-one source for construction solutions and empower contractors to succeed. For more than 35 years, Maxwell Systems has built a strong and widely respected brand, founded on the promise of helping construction businesses of all sizes and specialties to run their businesses better.

"At this milestone, we're renewing our brand promise, and we're raising a new brand standard that brings this promise even more powerfully to life," said Jere Richardson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Maxwell Systems. "Our new branding speaks to our core principles as a company dedicated to being all-in and going all-out for our customers. With the combination of our innovative software solutions, our knowledgeable team of experts, and our well-established best practices, we are able to empower construction companies to more profitably run, grow, and transform their businesses."

The rebranding is the product of a strategic process where in-depth, third-party research, including one-on-one interviews, was conducted to thoroughly expose the most pressing needs of construction professionals. The research revealed that contractors want solutions that empower them to be more efficient and effective in managing the complexities of construction businesses today; as well as desire having a real partner who offers not only technology solutions, but also strong services, coupled with construction expertise and practical know-how. As a result of the insight gained from the research, Maxwell Systems is well-positioned to deliver precisely what construction businesses need today and well into the future; and its new logo, fresh new visual design, and an emphatic new tagline reflect its value and promise to its customers.