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Three things to know about the ANSI experience

What operators can expect when renting a MEWP under the new standards

Three things to know about the ANSI experience

The industry has been alive with discussion over the past couple of years about the new ANSI standards and the changes to the design, training, and safe use of what's now known as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Many OEMs have published papers on the upcoming changes to their equipment but, now that these machines are in production, it's time to focus on the ANSI experience. 

What operators can anticipate with new ANSI
 1 - Design a92.20 
The most impactful design change is the introduction of load sensing on MEWPs. While this seems like a drastic change, this is something that has been in global markets for over a decade. When most ANSI A92.20 machines are over their maximum rated capacity, an alarm will sound/flash and all normal lifting functions will be disabled. 

If this happens to you, your MEWP may be overloaded. The MEWP's capacity label(s) will show the maximum rated load. Remember: your weight, the weight of your tools, and any accessories will affect how much you can safely bring to height.  

2 - Safe Use A92.22
A risk assessment must now be performed, which includes: identifying the task(s) to be performed, proper MEWP selection, assessing the risk, developing control measures and identifying safe work procedures. As an alternative to receiving familiarization on the particular model of MEWP to be used from a qualified person, an operator may, if authorized by the user/employer, self-familiarize.

3 - Training A92.24
As an experienced operator you know that it's essential to be trained and familiarized with the equipment you're operating. One thing that you will learn, when trained in accordance with ANSI A92.24, is that training must extend past the operators and include supervisors and occupants as well.

Supervisors must be able to knowledgably monitor operator performance, and occupants must have the knowledge to operate the controls in case of an emergency where you, the operator, are unable to.

Ian McGregor is director of product safety at Skyjack

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