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Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA) named official forestry fluid analysis provider for Komatsu Forestry

Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA) named official forestry fluid analysis provider for Komatsu Forestry

Komatsu Forestry announces Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA) is now the official forestry fluid analysis provider for North America.  KOWA serves its North American customers through partnerships with oil analysis laboratories Fluid Life and Bureau Veritas.  

KOWA has been an established Komatsu program for more than 40 years. The company's construction and mining customers have used KOWA as an effective preventive maintenance and diagnostic tool through their North American Komatsu distributors.

Analyzing engine oil and other fluids is an effective way to identify the health of a machine's engine and powertrain to make informed repair and maintenance decisions. Proper oil and fluid analysis can extend component life, identify minor problems before they become major failures, and help customers make informed reselling and purchasing decisions.

"The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis program allows customers to pinpoint and solve equipment problems by providing a full range of information on both the lubricant and the machine to support operations and maintenance decisions," said Tom Pietruszka, KOWA Business Manager. "KOWA is the best defense for proactively maintaining your forestry equipment."

KOWA's testing facilities are ISO-accredited to ensure high-level accuracy. KOWA offers ‘Next-day Turnaround' upon receipt of samples for routine analysis. To eliminate maintenance guess work, oil analysis results are compared to Komatsu guidelines. 

The program features an online web portal for customers and dealers alike to view oil analysis results within minutes once testing has been completed. 

Customers can contact their local Komatsu distributor to order kits to begin using the program. All Komatsu Forestry equipment data has been loaded into the KOWA data base. 

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