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World's largest trade show features construction, mining and other equipment

World's largest trade show features construction, mining and other equipment

If you want to see the greatest collection of construction, mining and other equipment in one place, then Bauma 2013 is the show to attend. It is the largest trade show in the world, covering a total of 6,000,000 square feet (555,000 square metres) of exhibition space.

It is held every three years, and in 2013 will be from April 15 to 21 in Munich, Germany. The last Bauma, in 2010, attracted 3,256 exhibitors from 53 countries, and over 420,000 visitors from more than 200 nations. It's full description is the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment.

Here are some examples of the new developments visitors can expect to see at the show.

Walking excavator
Kaiser AGs new Walking Mobile Excavator also focuses on the human interface. This type of machine is designed for use in inaccessible terrain, a situation in which the driver often spends more time in the cab than at other construction sites. So, Kaiser has tuned the design of the cabs to better suit the needs of the driver. As well as an ergonomic arrangement of the extensive functions, there are also new joysticks for simple operation of the many hydraulic adjustment facilities and the various attachments. The new Walking Mobile Excavator is one of the nominees in this year´s Bauma Innovations Awards, in the design category.

Semi-trenchless pipeline installation
Vegetation, soil and ground water all benefit from a new semi-trenchless method for installing pipelines from Herrenknecht AG. A tunnel boring machine loosens the soil which is then directly conveyed above ground using a milling unit. At the same time, the pipeline is installed underground. Earthwork is reduced to a minimum and no groundwater lowering along the route is necessary. In comparison to conventional, open-trench methods, the trench is considerably narrower. When crossing agricultural land this means harvest losses and compensation payments are reduced. This pipe-installation drive system has been nominated for the Bauma Innovations Award 2013 in the machine category.

Telematics for fleet management
As well as technological innovations on the construction machines themselves, i.e. the hardware, as it were, many manufacturers have also much to offer in terms of the extras. A key word here is fleet management. For example, the wheel loader manufacturer Kramer Allrad and the sales and service company Zeppelin are offering satellite-supported location systems that deliver real-time data on the construction machines. As well as location, the data can also include operating times, engine condition and service dates, all of which can be called up online. The data are then available to the customer on his computer or smartphone. The aim with telematics solutions is to maximize machine capacity, to optimize fleet management, particularly on large-scale building sites, to provide verifiable figures for calculations of efficiency and cost, and to protect against theft.

Noise-reduced pile driving
In today´s construction industry, it´s not just about making the working conditions as pleasant as possible for the machine operators and drivers. It´s also about protecting the environment around the building site from pressure of all kinds. Avoiding unnecessary noise is an important factor here. For example in pile-driving operations. Manufacturer ABI is presenting a new adjustable vibrator for its telescopic leaders. This vibrator is fitted with a combi clamp assembly for double-Z and U-profiles and tubular piles. Because of the precise clamping with two individual clamps, the piles are protected and the noise from the "flapping" of the profiles is reduced.

Vibration-reduced hammer
One of the biggest drivers of innovation among construction machinery manufacturers is the wish for greater user comfort and improved ergonomics. The response of Atlas Copco, for example, has been to bring out what the company is describing as the lightest vibration-reduced pick hammer on the market, weighing in at just 9.5 kg. The hammer mechanism in this tool floats in the housing, thereby significantly reducing the vibrations transmitted to the operator´s hands and arms. The model also has an efficient noise-reduction system.

To learn more about the four sectors featured at the show, visit:http://www.bauma.de/en/vier_bereiche_der_bauma_1/vier_bereiche_2.php