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Hitachi EX-7 mining excavators provide next-level fuel efficiency

The new EX2600-7 provides enhanced efficiency, reliability and durability.
The new EX2600-7 provides enhanced efficiency, reliability and durability.

Hitachi is introducing the EX2600-7 and EX5600-7 mining excavators, which deliver enhanced efficiency, reliability and durability, to North and South America. These models are part of the new EX-7 Series line of mining excavators, which highlights Hitachi's focus on continuous improvement through fuel-efficiency technologies and advanced engineering.

"The EX-7 Series takes Hitachi's mining machines to the next level," said Brian Mace, mining product marketing & applications manager, Hitachi Construction Machinery - Americas. "The combination of fuel-saving features on the EX2600-7 and EX5600-7 will help improve our customers' efficiency while helping them maintain the same productivity levels they have come to expect from the EX-6 Series mining excavators."   

Within the EX2600-7 and EX5600-7, Hitachi's Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technologies reduce fuel consumption up to 8-10 percent versus the previous models (EX2600-6 and EX5600-6) through engine options and hydraulic system improvements. Customers can choose from a Cummins or MTU EPA Final Tier 4 engine option. For non-regulated countries, customers can choose from a Cummins or MTU engine option that features fuel-calibration optimization settings that contribute to improved efficiency. 

Improved hydraulic efficiency includes main pump electric regulators, which were previously controlled by a hydraulic pilot system, and a reduction in the mechanical workload to power the hydraulic pilot system. The EX2600-7 and EX5600-7 also reduce the power consumption with a boom lower circuit regeneration and a large hydraulic oil cooler and fan which can operate at a lower speed to maintain optimal oil temperature.  

The new EX5600-7 is engineered with Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technologies, which contribute to improved efficiency.

Increased reliability 

The new EX-7 Series machines also offer increased reliability with cylinder stroke end control, which helps ensure structural longevity and operator comfort by using angle sensors to help reduce the cylinder pump flow rate for smoother and slower movement. 

Acting on customer input, Hitachi also rearranged the hydraulic hoses from an arched to an underslung configuration, which makes the hoses less prone to deflection due to decreased hose load. Contamination sensors in each main pump help reduce the risk of machine faults and costly downtime by detecting excessive contamination and alerting the operator when needed.

The new machines also offer features that strengthen their durability. A pressurized cab bed improves the life of electrical components and controllers by using an air filter to keep out dust and debris. Maintenance is also reduced with a greaseless center joint that utilizes available hydraulic oil for lubrication rather than needing grease lubrication. 

Operator comfort and safety is also enhanced with a best-in-class operation station that offers increased visibility and comfort with ergonomically designed controls to help increase productivity. Additionally, an advanced multi-display monitor helps improve the machine's performance and uptime by providing more accurate operating status information. 

The EX-7 Series also provides the option of AerialAngle, which is popular among customers and works as a 360-degree vision system. The system assists with noting equipment surroundings through a display monitor that combines a set of images captured by cameras positioned at different locations around the machine. 

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