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Watch this: "Don't be a tool" campaign launched to improve jobsite behaviour

BC Construction industry and Rethink join forces to combat bullying, harassment and hazing

In an effort to address bullying, hazing and harassment on B.C. construction worksites, the BC Construction Association (BCCA) and its Builders Code partners celebrated the start of BC Construction Month with the launch of a humourous province-wide campaign that tells worksite offenders, "Don't be a tool."

Created by the award-winning communications agency Rethink, one of Canada's top creative agencies, the campaign uses animated construction tools in cartoon versions of workplace scenarios that compromise safety and productivity on worksites. The scenarios shown in the "Don't Be a Tool" campaign are based on real-life hazing, harassment and bullying situations described by tradespeople across B.C. and are aimed at changing the conversation in an industry that is 95 percent male.

"There's no question that the 180,000 tradespeople in B.C.'s construction workforce will recognize the real-life situations that informed this campaign," said Chris Atchison, president, BCCA. "Our industry is keen to be more diverse across all demographics including age and gender, and while most employees are well aware of the behaviour that's expected of them by their employers, you could say we're working to remove all doubt about what's acceptable on a worksite."

The #Don'tBeATool campaign, which consists of sharable videos and social media images, are part of the comprehensive Builders Code initiative that seeks to set a baseline code of conduct for B.C. construction worksites. The Builders Code provides employers with a wide range of resources, including downloadable policies and posters, online and onsite training for personnel, HR/dispute resolution advisors and more. Just as the #metoo and the Time's Up movements have spread exponentially to bring much needed attention to the harassment and discrimination of women in the workplace, it's hoped the #Don'tBeATool campaign can help improve the worksite culture in B.C.' s construction industry.

"We wanted a simple, engaging campaign that would help us demonstrate the need for change in a non-threatening way," says Lisa Stevens, BCCA COO and architect of the Builders Code. "Our goal is to spark some productive conversations and ultimately lead employers to adopt the Builders Code."

"Right now, there are so many campaigns competing for our attention around the themes of workplace conduct, sexual harassment and gender equality that we needed to create something that would break through all the clutter and get noticed," added Morgan Tierney, managing partner, Rethink. "Using our cartoon character tools allows us to look at a serious problem through an exaggerated, lighthearted lens, making the whole issue more approachable."

To view Don't Be a Tool videos and posters and for more information about the Builders Code, visit https://www.builderscode.ca/

BC Construction Month (April 2019) celebrates the many contributions that B.C.'s construction industry makes across our province, in every community, every day. More than 240,000 people rely directly on B.C's Construction industry for a paycheque. That's 10 percent of the workforce, and more than any other sector, and bigger than forestry, mining, agriculture and fishing combined. 

BC Construction Month is supported by the BC Construction Association, LNG Canada, BCIT, WorkSafe BC, Coastal GasLink, and the BCCA Employee Benefits Trust, and other sponsors. For more information, visit http://www.constructionmonth.ca

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