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Wacker Neuson offers the first battery-powered, zero emissions plates

Wacker Neuson offers the first battery-powered, zero emissions plates

Wacker Neuson is introducing the first battery-powered single direction vibratory plates offering zero-emissions compaction. The AP1850e and AP1840e series offer a new solution for contractors and rental centres looking for a cordless, emissions-free plate compactor for a variety of applications. These plates are ideally suited for use in new commercial interior or indoor renovation projects, poorly ventilated areas such as trenches and tunnels and projects with strict emission and noise guidelines, as well as traditional soil and asphalt compaction applications.

The new AP series battery-powered plates are offered with a 19.7-inch operating width (AP1850e) or 15.8-inch operating width (AP1840e). The plates are available with a water tank and sprinkling set for asphalt applications (AP1850we/AP1840we). These new plates are simple to operate with an easy, push button start and charging indicator light on the battery. 

Wacker Neuson says that their battery-powered vibratory plates are the only single-direction plates on the market without a V-belt. The maintenance-free electric motor is mounted directly on the baseplate, which requires fewer wear parts and reduces service time, contributing to the low total cost of ownership.

Wacker Neuson developed the battery-powered compaction equipment platform as a modular concept. The battery and charger used for the new AP series plates are the same as those used for the recently introduced AS50e battery rammer. This increases flexibility and economic efficiency as customers can use the same battery system in the rammer and any of the four new AP1850e and AP1840e plate models. Under typical working conditions, one battery charge can last a standard working day. Should the battery need to be changed, it can be easily removed without tools and replaced with a charged battery in a few simple steps. The battery system has been specially designed to withstand tough construction site conditions.

The BP1000 lithium-ion battery system provides constant power output over the entire discharge phase, providing full compaction performance from the first to last minute of work. The battery management system protects against overcharging, and provides long service life with active cooling during operation. 

Wacker Neuson's emission-free vibratory plates and rammer offer an alternative equipment choice for contractors, landscapers and rental centres. This technology allows dealers to offer a zero-emission or quieter compaction solution for special projects or customers who require or prefer more environmentally friendly equipment.

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