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Expanded use of machine control adds efficiency to road construction operations

Leica Geosystems’ iCON machine control platform.
Leica Geosystems’ iCON machine control platform.

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Precision is everything when constructing road surfaces. Tolerances are very tight, ensuring that the surface is smooth for vehicles travelling on it while also providing a long service life. 

Traditionally, that precision has come from extensive survey work and constant checks to keep machinery on the right grade for the site, both during construction of the road base and when paving is underway. With the advent of machine control, however, operators have much more direct support in reaching and maintaining grade across the roadbuilding process.

When it comes to road subgrade, there are plenty of challenges for machine operators to face in terms of meeting the grade requirements. In the past, operators of dozers, graders and other machines on the jobsite would have to be in contact with surveyors and others on the ground to track their progress against grade stakes and other measurement indicators.

"Before the introduction of intelligent machine control, there was a really high learning curve for new operators who needed to be able to work efficiently and accurately – you need the skill to rough doze, get close to grade, and then to finish grade. It wasn't uncommon for skilled operators to have to go back and adjust the working surface a tenth or two to get to finish grade," related Sebastian Witkowski, product marketing manager, intelligent machine control for Komatsu. "Working with these kinds of traditional grade-stake type jobsites, having that skill set to read grade stakes and know what to do with the information on them was key."

Compared to many traditional construction sites, the sheer number of grade stakes can be daunting.

"When you think about a one-mile stretch of road, it could have considerably more stakes than, for example, an entire subdivision project when you consider stations, hubs, vertical intersections, and so on," he said. "Just that aspect of removing grade stakes from the process is a huge efficiency benefit for road construction companies, The key to a successful road project is a good subgrade, and the ability to achieve that subgrade accurately, the first time, is key to the success of a good contractor."

Most manufacturers now offer machine control of some sort on their equipment; Komatsu, for example, offers a full lineup of dozers and excavators that take advantage of the company's integrated 3D GNSS intelligent machine control systems.

"Of course there are considerable efficiency and productivity gains when we consider a dozer's ability to spread stone after achieving subgrade. But Komatsu takes that same concept a step further and applies it to its excavators. Think about how intelligent excavators can be used in this application, on road projects where there's considerable cut required, you can send one of our intelligent excavators out that can cut straight to grade without the need of support dozers," Witkowski noted. 

An integrated machine also brings with it opportunities for less-experienced operators to work on these challenging jobsites.

"For Komatsu's intelligent dozers, it's just a matter of turning on your automatics and rocking the blade lever forward to engage the automatics. Really, you're operating forward and reverse," Witkowski said. "The beauty of our intelligent machine control is that it's good for both experienced and inexperienced operators alike."

With the ease of use that comes with machine control and the ability to tie into other software systems used throughout the industry, contractors can quickly and easily add intelligent machines to their fleets.

"For many contractors, it's a no-brainer. The efficiency and productivity gains right off the bat are nothing to scoff at," Witkowski said.

Komatsu’s intelligent machine control dozers help remove grade stakes from a jobsite and improve efficiency while ensuring precision.

Wrapping up wireline for pavers
Once the prep work is done on a road project, the paving equipment moves in – and it, too, can take advantage of technology to get the job done more smoothly. Moving away from traditional techniques has been happening for quite some time in the later stages of construction, noted Kelly Steeves, paving account manager for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon. A joint venture with paving equipment manufacturer Wirtgen in the late 1990s kicked off machine control in that sector, he explained.

"The German railway agency had started expanding high-speed rail through Germany. They were cutting through forests, farmland, towns, and going through the countryside, and that required maintenance of the traditional wireline – pavers use sensors to track a wire at a given height and at a given offset," he explained. "You can imagine hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of wireline out there. . . Any time farm animals, wildlife or people bumped the line, that caused the elevation to go out of alignment. That movement put a bump or a dip in the road that was costly to repair."

Leica Geosystems and Wirtgen developed a system that allowed for radio communication between the pavers and total stations on the jobsite; since then, stringless paving has expanded in markets across the globe. 

 OEMs have recognized the potential and made their machines capable of working with the technology, and it is finding growing share in the market, especially on jobsites that feature restricted space.

"A lot of modern projects involve rehabilitating crumbling infrastructure in big cities where there are buildings and tight restraints, and many more people on the road now than at the time of original construction," he said. "If you can fit a paver into those areas, you can pave with machine control."

Machine control systems for paving take advantage of precise models of the required road surface to guide the paver in its operations. 

According to Steeves, the machine responds automatically to guidance from the technology, which drives constant adjustments that keep the surface right where it's supposed to be. 

That doesn't mean that contractors don't need to keep good paving practices in mind – they still need to ensure that their surface mix is correct, that trucks are arriving consistently to feed the paver, and so on. 

But, the end result when those steps are taken is a clean and smooth paved surface that is done more efficiently.

In Leica Geosystems' case, the iCON machine control platform is an across-the-board approach, one that can be moved from machine to machine and uses various modules depending on the needs of the contractor.

Modules are available for asphalt and concrete paving, as well as for compaction – essentially providing a one-stop shop for machine control.

"Our software is app-based, so it's as easy as using a smartphone – you just swipe to the option you need. It's like a video game with hydraulics," Steeves said. "As the next generation of equipment operators comes into the market, they expect automation and intelligent systems because they grew up with technology. Contractors that want to hire the best talent are adopting machine control at a rapid pace." HEG

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CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, is releasing the Instructor Operating Station (IOS), CM Labs' dedicated solution for directing, monitoring and assessing trainees. Designed to complement CM Labs' Vortex simulators for operator training, the IOS provides rich functionality for engaging training sessions, while its smart monitoring tools enable a 360-degree perspective on trainee progress.

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Trimble has announced that it has enhanced the Trimble PULSE field management suite with an advanced, SaaS-based telematics platform that connects, monitors and manages assets to enable intelligent decision-making and timely actions. Trimble PULSE Telematics provides a single platform for service, equipment and fleet managers to collaborate and connect their workflows to allow for improved sharing of information.


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Trimble brings next-generation mixed-reality to HoloLens 2

Trimble announced a new wearable hard hat compatible device that enables workers in safety-controlled environments to access holographic information on the worksite—the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2. In addition, an expanded set of Trimble software and services will be available to provide field-oriented workflows that leverage constructible 3D models and mixed reality to solve daily work tasks.

Trimble announces lightweight, rugged T7 tablet

Trimble introduced today the Trimble T7 Tablet, a rugged, lightweight and versatile device for construction surveying applications. Using Trimble Siteworks Software for construction surveying, the Trimble T7 provides real-time data to visualize cut/fill levels, calculate material volumes, check grade and communicate work orders to increase productivity and enable better decision making.

Trimble Exchange offers e-commerce platform for pre-owned Trimble gear

Trimble Exchange is an e-commerce platform connecting Trimble's SITECH dealer network directly with customers in the U.S. looking to purchase pre-owned, refurbished and legacy Trimble products. Inventory listed on Trimble Exchange is populated only by participating, authorized Trimble resellers. Customers shopping on Trimble Exchange complete their purchases through their trusted local dealer, allowing them to shop from a nationwide database and buy locally.

Topcon announces upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web complete with new deliverable options

Topcon Positioning Group announces the latest upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web, the web-based service enabling the sharing and collaboration of UAV and scanning data sets. MAGNET Collage Web version 1.3 is designed to allow operators to work with more types of data with greater flexibility, including the ability to import BIM models, as well as CAD and GIS data.   

New Kespry construction innovations further drive project profitability by enhancing drone flight and on-demand data accuracy

Kespry, the drone-based aerial intelligence solution provider, is highlighting its new construction industry-focused innovations at the World of Concrete industry trade show in Las Vegas, January 22-26. The international event is the only large-scale show dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. As part of its global strategic alliance with John Deere, Kespry will be featured at John Deere's World of Concrete booth located at C545.


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Taking technology into the field

Every construction contractor knows how paper can build up in the office and on the jobsite during work on any particular project. When it comes to a building contract, the requirements are pretty much the same no matter how high the bid, and owners need them all met before they sign the cheque.

New version of Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform includes support for motor graders and automatic guidance for tiltrotators

Trimble has released Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 1.7 with support for motor graders and automatic guidance for tiltrotator attachments. Trimble Earthworks for Motor Graders is a GNSS-based, 3D grade control solution designed to make fine grading more accurate, faster and easier than ever before. In addition, Trimble Earthworks now gives excavator operators using tiltrotators the advantage of automatic machine control, which can result in increased productivity.

Watch this: Topcon introduces Infrastructure and Technology documentary series

Topcon Positioning Group has announced a new series of documentary videos designed to bring greater awareness to automation and technology in the construction and agriculture industries. Along with thought leadership from Topcon, the documentaries feature interviews with various tangential industry experts and business representatives – including comments from Intel Corporation, SAP and Solar City Corporation, among others – offering their perspectives on how technological advancements have changed infrastructure and what to expect going forward. 

Sage, Procore integrations updated for enhanced operations across construction industry

Updates have been released to the Sage and Procore Integrations announced in June 2018, making them better equipped to serve users across the construction industry. With enhancements to the Sage 300 CRE integration and launch of the Sage 100 integrations, Procore is able to offer something to every construction professional, regardless of your size or trade. Improving upon these two Sage integrations has been another step toward providing tools that work for professionals throughout the industry, streamlining their jobs and simplifying the workflow.


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Earthworks GO! brings Trimble grade control to small machines

Trimble's Earthworks GO! Grade Control Platform is a 2D grade control solution for compact machine grading attachments. Trimble Earthworks GO! enables high-accuracy grading in an easy-to-use, portable platform. It is the only Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compact machine control solution available today that runs on Android or iOS smartphones. The announcement was made at Trimble Dimensions.

LOADRITE to be integrated into Trimble Earthworks grade control for excavators

Trimble has announced LOADRITE Payload Management for Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for Excavators integration. This integration will help increase productivity and efficiency for excavator operations, allowing contractors to track bucket-by-bucket payload, and monitor mass haul progress from the same Trimble Earthworks display. The versatile system can be installed on any hydraulic excavator that has Trimble Earthworks, and offers an easy transition between grade control and payload management, maximizing the contractor/s investment.

Digital Job Box from PCM offers management options for construction industry

PCM, Inc. has introduced the Digital Job Box, a rugged solution that will transform the way the construction industry manages job site projects and connects remote workers to their office counterparts. The Enterprise Technology Group at PCM worked closely with construction industry leaders to create a powerful, rugged, and scalable solution that will allow construction firms and project teams to reduce costs and wastes. 


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