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Quebec's Kenworth Maska recognized with 2018 Dealer of the Year Award

Kenworth Maska received the 2018 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada. From left are Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing; Mike Dozier, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president; and Kenworth Maska executives Nicolas Letendre, Sébastien Letendre, Samuel Letendre, and Pierre Letendre.
Kenworth Maska received the 2018 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada. From left are Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing; Mike Dozier, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president; and Kenworth Maska executives Nicolas Letendre, Sébastien Letendre, Samuel Letendre, and Pierre Letendre. Source - TruckPR

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Kenworth Maska received the prestigious 2018 Kenworth Dealer of the Year Award for the United States and Canada at the annual Kenworth Dealer Meeting held recently in San Diego.

"Kenworth Maska and our employees are dedicated to delivering excellent Kenworth heavy and medium duty trucks, parts and service that support customer uptime and enable fleets and truck operators to succeed in their businesses," said Pierre Letendre, president of Kenworth Maska, which operates dealerships in La Présentation, St. Mathieu de Laprairie and Sherbrooke, Quebec. "The Kenworth dealer network family consists of outstanding dealers, which makes the Kenworth Dealer of the Year award a very special achievement and honor that we can take great pride in here in Quebec at Kenworth Maska. This is really a team effort and we want to thank each and every one of our employees at Maska for this accomplishment."

"Kenworth Maska produced excellent results across our dealer excellence categories to attain nine appearances in the Kenworth Dealer Top 10 rankings," said Mike Dozier, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. "The dealer ranked high in market share, technician training, customer satisfaction, PACCAR Parts performance and growth, as well as overall facilities excellence. The commitment of Kenworth Maska to customer uptime is exemplified by its rapid response to customer roadside assistance requests from the PACCAR 365 Center, and the use of Kenworth TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics and Kenworth TruckTech+ Service Management systems. Congratulations to The World's Best® Kenworth dealer in 2018."

Kenworth also presented Gold and Silver dealer awards, as well as PACCAR Engines, Medium Duty, Parts and Service, and TRP Dealer of the Year awards.

MHC Kenworth – Colorado, MHC Kenworth – Kansas City and MHC Kenworth – Oklahoma each received the 2018 Kenworth Gold Award for the United States and Canada From left, are Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing; MHC Kenworth executives Corey Murphy, Bryan Murphy, Mike Murphy, Tim Spurgeon, Tim Murphy, Todd Rice, Kyle Hoffman, and Jeff Murphy; and Mike Dozier, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president. Source: TruckPR

Kenworth Gold Awards

Kenworth Maska was selected as Kenworth Dealer of the Year from among Kenworth's five Gold Award winners for 2018. Other Gold Award winners are MHC Kenworth - Colorado, MHC Kenworth - Kansas City, MHC Kenworth - Oklahoma, and Wichita Kenworth. The Gold Award is presented to a select number of Kenworth dealers each year that achieve the highest level of performance in the Kenworth network.

MHC Kenworth - Colorado retailed more than 1,000 new Kenworth trucks while achieving strong heavy and medium duty market share. The dealer appeared a record 14 times in the 2018 Kenworth Dealer Top 10 lists, including such key customer uptime metrics as Kenworth PremierCare Gold Certified, service hours, call center response, and parts availability. It also took first in customer service satisfaction, based on service surveys on customer satisfaction.

MHC Kenworth - Kansas City earned its fifth Gold in the past decade as it retailed more than 1,000 new Kenworth trucks, while attaining impressive heavy and medium duty market share in 2018. The dealer recorded 13 Top 10 results, including customer service hours, service bay coverage, technician certifications, call center response, parts availability, and facilities excellence.

MHC Kenworth - Oklahoma has now earned two Gold awards and six Silver awards in the past decade. In 2018, the dealer retailed more than 1,800 new Kenworth trucks, achieved excellent heavy duty market share and far surpassed its medium duty goal. The dealer made 10 appearances in the Top 10, including call center response, technician certification, parts availability, and fleet parts sales growth, and was first in overall facilities excellence.

Wichita Kenworth earned its first Kenworth Gold to go with its four Silver awards in the past decade. The dealer retailed more than 200 new Kenworth trucks, had impressive market share and earned recognition on four "Top 10" lists, including service bay coverage, PACCAR MX engine parts growth, and Kenworth PremierCare® Gold-certified status at all four of its dealerships.

Kenworth recognized its 2018 Silver Award winners. From left are Jon Parker and Mike Clark, Wisconsin Kenworth; Tucker Morgan and Kyle Treadway, Kenworth Sales Company; Mike Levering and Will Bruser, Truckworx Kenworth – Birmingham; Denny Ross, Kenworth of Jacksonville; Mike Parent, Kenworth Montreal; Todd Rice, representing MHC Kenworth – Arkansas, MHC Kenworth – Georgia, MHC Kenworth – Springfield, MHC Kenworth – Tennessee, and MHC Kenworth – Texas; Brian Sunwall, Motor Power Kenworth; and J.B. Rihm and Kari Rihm, Rihm Kenworth. Source: TruckPR

Kenworth Silver Awards

During the Kenworth Dealer Meeting, Kenworth also recognized its 12 Silver Award winners:

Kenworth of Jacksonville; Kenworth Montréal; Kenworth Sales Company, MHC Kenworth - Arkansas; MHC Kenworth - Georgia; MHC Kenworth - Springfield; MHC Kenworth - Tennessee; MHC Kenworth - Texas; Motor Power Kenworth - Billings; Rihm Kenworth, Truckworx Kenworth - Birmingham; and Wisconsin Kenworth.

Kenworth PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year

MHC Kenworth - Oklahoma received Kenworth's PACCAR Engines Dealer of the Year honors. The award honors the Kenworth dealer that fully engages customers, sells all the benefits of spec'ing PACCAR MX engines, and truly meets customer uptime needs. This dealer sold nearly 900 PACCAR MX-powered units, achieved impressive market share, and made the Top 10 list in multiple categories. These included call center response, PACCAR MX technician certifications, and PACCAR MX engines sold.

MHC Kenworth – Tennessee received the 2018 Kenworth Medium Duty Dealer of the Year award for the United States and Canada. From left, are Mike Dozier, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president; and MHC Kenworth executives Corey Murphy, Bryan Murphy, Kyle Hoffman, Mike Murphy, Jeff Murphy, Todd Rice, Tim Murphy, Tim Spurgeon, and Kevin Baney, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing. Source: TruckPR

Kenworth Medium Duty Dealer of the Year

MHC Kenworth - Tennessee was named Kenworth Medium Duty Dealer of the Year. The award recognizes outstanding leadership and dealership focus on growing Kenworth's medium duty business. This year's winner retailed nearly 300 medium duty trucks to a diverse base of unique industries, including towing, paving, excavating, residential construction, city government, utility, petroleum, landscaping, farming, hot shot services, grocery, and local produce haulers.  

Kenworth Parts and Service Dealer of the Year

Truckworx Kenworth - Birmingham captured the Kenworth Parts and Service Dealer of the Year award with performances at or near the top of every major parts sales category. Truckworx was rated first in retail sales and PACCAR Parts purchase growth, plus it ranked in Kenworth's Top 5 in the outstanding facilities category.

Kenworth TRP All-Makes Dealer of the Year

Kenworth of Indianapolis increased its TRP sales by 28 percent, overall parts purchases by 16 percent and opened a new TRP store in 2018 to help earn Kenworth TRP All-Makes Dealer of the Year honorsThe award recognizes the Kenworth dealer that provides the best support for TRP all-makes parts and service.

Kenworth Dealer Major Anniversaries

Kenworth also celebrated significant Kenworth dealer anniversary milestones reached in 2018:

50 years - Kenworth of Pennsylvania (Carlisle, Pennsylvania); 45 years - Youngstown Kenworth (Hubbard, Ohio); 40 years - Wisconsin Kenworth (Windsor, Wisconsin), and Truckworx Kenworth (Birmingham, Ala.); 30 Years -- Kenworth Québec (St-Nicholas, Québec), and Timmins Kenworth (Timmins, Ontario); and 25 years Performance Kenworth (Cleveland, Texas) and Summit Kenworth (Amarillo, Texas). 

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Edmonton technician becomes first woman to earn Kenworth's highest service certification

The personal interests that develop at an early age are often the ones that will last a lifetime. From fixing equipment on the farm with her father, to becoming the first woman in the Kenworth dealer network in Canada and the United States to achieve the prestigious Kenworth Certified Master Technician status, Jennifer Lesnik always knew she had the skillset to work on heavy equipment as a profession.

Calculating the true costs of heavy-haul trailer ownership

With a cost on par with the average home mortgage, heavy-haul trailers represent a significant investment for businesses. The right trailer can provide fast ROI, greater productivity and increased profits. The wrong decision, however, can leave trucking companies with the financial burden of a unit that will cost far more in the long run than the business is prepared to take on.  

FUSO Class 5 FE 180 GAS cabover production kicks off

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. (MFTA) announced that production of the industry's first Class 5 cabover gasoline-powered work truck has begun at the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) plant in Gaffney, South Carolina. FCCC is a sister company within Daimler Trucks. This truck adds to the lineup of FUSO's already popular Class 4 gasoline models introduced in 2018.

Rapidly evolving trucking industry diversifies with top female talent

The trucking industry is the backbone of our economy, relied upon to safely and efficiently transport goods that support daily needs. In fact, the trucking industry is the single largest mover of freight and is expected to carry nearly 22 billion tons in 2029, a 35 percent increase in freight volume from today. Women are now making up more and more of the industry demographic, challenging stereotypes and making notable contributions across every link of the value chain.

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Daimler Trucks North American alternative energy efforts earn 2019 Clean Air Technology nod

Daimler Trucks North America LLC has been recognized with the 2019 Clean Air Technology award from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD). DTNA was recognized for its Innovation Fleet from Freightliner, a 30-vehicle fleet of battery electric medium- and heavy-duty trucks currently testing integration of battery electric commercial vehicles into large-scale transportation operations.

Autocar releases new concrete mixer and concrete pump truck models

Autocar Trucks has announced the launch of two truck models purpose-built to serve the concrete and construction industry: the Autocar DC-64M, for concrete mixers, and the DC-64P for concrete pump applications. The Autocar DC is a completely new conventional truck engineered from the ground-up for severe-duty vocational applications. Autocar's guiding mission is to build trucks to be "Always Up" - that is, to stay in service despite the challenges they face, year-after-year. The Autocar DC-64M and DC-64P bring several notable innovations that make them uniquely suited for their respective vocations.

NTEA training module focuses on vehicle powertrains

To support employee education and training in the work truck industry, NTEA has developed a Truck Equipment 201 module covering commercial vehicle powertrains. TE201 is intended as a series of online course modules, designed for those with technical knowledge seeking deeper understanding of specific topics outlined in TE101 — the introductory course released by NTEA in 2017. This powertrain module — the second TE201 course — will help expand understanding of the vehicle powertrain by reviewing horsepower and torque, engine function and alternative propulsion, power and torque transfer by the transmission, and driveline and axle.

ICUEE 2019: What to see at the demo expo, part three

ICUEE, the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition, will take place October 1-3 in Louisville, Kentucky. ICUEE is the utility industry's largest trade show, covering 28+ acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits, and bringing together more than 18,000 utility professionals every two years.

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Automated trucks hit public roads as Daimler Trucks starts testing

Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics are actively developing and testing automated trucks with SAE Level 4 intent technology on public roads. The initial routes are on highways in southwest Virginia, where Torc Robotics is headquartered. All automated runs require both an engineer overseeing the system and a highly trained safety driver certified by Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics. All safety drivers hold a commercial driver's license and are specially trained in vehicle dynamics and automated systems.

3D printing technology finds place improving quality at Volvo Trucks factory

Volvo Trucks North America is utilizing 3D printing technology to produce tools and fixtures used in the manufacturing process at its New River Valley (NRV) plant in Dublin, Virginia, where all trucks for the North American market are built. The implementation of 3D-printed manufacturing tools enables quicker production and continuous quality improvements.

Dynamic maintenance service further improves Volvo Trucks uptime

Volvo Trucks introduces dynamic maintenance, a connected vehicle maintenance service which seeks to improve fleet operations efficiency through proactive and flexible vehicle-specific maintenance planning. The service is designed in partnership with Noregon Systems, an IoT (Internet of Things) company specializing in connected vehicle solutions.

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Volvo Trucks introduces enhanced turbo compound engine in VNL models

Volvo Trucks North America is introducing the next generation of its Turbo Compound technology, providing up to an additional 3 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over the current 13-litre Turbo Compound engine, the D13TC. This new engine delivers up to 11 percent fuel savings overall compared to model-year 2015 trucks. Other improvements include enhanced efficiency over a wider range of applications, more engine ratings and a new EE Extra Efficiency drive mode. The new D13TC will be available for order in the fourth quarter of 2019 and go into production at the end of the first quarter of 2020.

Philippi-Hagenbuch invents new positive seal tailgate for truck bodies & containers

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc. has invented a new version of their Autogate Tailgate specifically for off-highway trucks and roll-off containers that require a 100% positive seal. This new design can be paired with PHIL's proprietary fluidic seal material to create a water-tight seal that contains liquid materials within an off-highway truck body or roll-off container when environmental regulations or local laws make even slight spillage undesirable.  

PTO output boosted on diesel-powered 2020 Ford Super Duty chassis cab

New on the 2020 Super Duty Chassis Cab, Ford is proud to offer Power Takeoff (PTO) as standard with its 6.7-litre Power Stroke turbo diesel engine for auxiliary power needs on commercial vehicles. Combined, the 6.7-litre Power Stroke and all-new TorqShift 10-speed heavy duty automatic transmission with the power takeoff provision delivers best-in-class stationary torque of up to 300 lb.-ft. for commercial vehicle bodies that require direct-to-component or hydraulic body motor power. That's 50 lb.-ft. more than the closest competitor.

Service trucks take repairs on the road

Downtime is a curse word among contractors, but the fact is that it's hard to avoid it sometimes. When a machine or truck suffers a breakdown on the job, the need to haul that asset back to the shop just means that downtime is extended.

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