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Potain holds Igo T self-erecting crane event

Potain holds Igo T self-erecting crane event

Manitowoc presented its latest Potain Igo T self-erecting cranes and highlighted design improvements at a product showcase event at the company’s Shady Grove, Pa., facility. More than 35 customers, Potain dealers and end users from the U.S. and Canada attended the event.

Mike Heacock, vice president of Potain tower crane sales for North America, spoke about how the Igo T self-erecting crane line represents a generational improvement over previous models.

“We wanted to show our customers that Potain has come out with new technology for the Igo T line that is much more advanced than the older models, such as the HDT series,” he said. “The innovations of the Igo T line make everything from operating a crane to maintenance and job site management much easier.”

The highlight of the event was a demonstration of the Igo T 130, the company’s newest self-erecting crane. The Igo T 130 is the largest crane of its kind on the market. Guests had firsthand experience with the crane, getting a feel for its operation and exploring its advanced features, including its wireless remote control, onboard diagnostics and hydraulic jib.

A fully-erected Igo T 85 A was also displayed at the event. It was set in close proximity to the Igo T 130 to mimic the tight working quarters of a crowded job site. This gave attendees the opportunity to try out the two cranes’ fully-integrated zone interference systems, an improvement over previous systems.
The Igo T 130 has an 8.8 USt capacity and 164 ft maximum operating hook radius. Attendees watched as its optional mast inserts were inserted into the self-erecting crane and it was raised to its maximum height of 122 ft. The Igo T 85 A has a 6.6 USt capacity and 148 ft maximum operating hook radius. Its maximum hook height is 125 ft. Both cranes can be operated using a wireless remote control.

“Of course, the Igo T line has several technological advantages over the HDT line, which dominated the self-erecting crane industry for over a decade,” Heacock said. “But we also spent some time at the event talking about the similarities between the two. The HDT has been extremely popular and operators, as well as technicians, should know that upgrading to an Igo T isn’t a whole new learning curve.”

For example, the process to unload Igo T cranes from their dollies is the same as the HDT and utilizes the same highway axles. Customers can expect the same ease of use with Igo T cranes as the HDT cranes, only with dozens of new technologies that make them superior machines – updated for a new century of lifting.

During the event, attendees were also treated to tours of Manitowoc’s new Product Verification Center, which rigorously tests components that go into Manitowoc cranes. They were also given a look inside the Manitowoc Crane Care operations in Shady Grove to learn more about the benefits offered to Potain crane owners in North America.

Many attendees also met with members of Manitowoc’s sales and marketing team. Several of them mentioned they were impressed by the features of the Igo T 130 and Igo T 85 A, and envisioned having them in their fleets. Two companies went so far as to purchase a T 130. New England-based Shawmut Equipment and Savage, Minn.-based Road Machinery & Supplies both placed orders soon after the event.