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Topcon announces upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web complete with new deliverable options

Topcon's MAGNET Collage Web allows the sharing and collaboration of UAV and scanning data sets.
Topcon's MAGNET Collage Web allows the sharing and collaboration of UAV and scanning data sets.

Topcon Positioning Group announces the latest upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web, the web-based service enabling the sharing and collaboration of UAV and scanning data sets. MAGNET Collage Web version 1.3 is designed to allow operators to work with more types of data with greater flexibility, including the ability to import BIM models, as well as CAD and GIS data.   

MAGNET Collage Web and MAGNET Collage desktop software meet the demands of a diverse user-group. The latest update is designed to address an increasing need from the vertical building construction market segment to work in a single-software environment with BIM, scanning, and UAV datasets.    

"Now operators can view and publish BIM models, along with other data types, directly through the web browser to be sharable with more versatility," said Alok Srivastava, director of product management. "MAGNET Collage Web can be used to overlay as-built laser scans and design data to visualize proposed changes and detect construction issues. The software supports OBJ, FBX, and 3DS formats."  

The upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web also includes new direct publishing functionality for CAD and GIS data files through the browser. "Operators can now overlay 3D point clouds and reality models with CAD and GIS design data, including support for DXF, SHP, KML, GML, and GeoJSON formats," said Srivastava.  

The upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web also introduces advanced sharing controls including the ability to fully customize layer visibility, appearance, window layout, feature selection, and camera position.  "The updated customization controls allow operators to share and present their projects exactly the way they mean to with a multitude of viewing options, allowing specific features to be highlighted as necessary," said Srivastava.  

Additionally, MAGNET Collage Web can now be accessed through the Topcon "Blue Bar" that allows direct access to the service from any Topcon website. The universal account and application management toolbar is embedded at the top of Topcon web pages. 

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