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Cat reintroduces a 40-ton-class ADT

The new 740 GC has the proven features and performance of current models in the Cat articulated dump truck lineup, along with new features and options

Cat reintroduces  a 40-ton-class ADT

Caterpillar has designed their new 740 GC, 40-ton-class (36.3-mt-class) articulated dump truck by building on the success of current models while adding new controls, transmission-protection features, hoist-assist system, an advanced traction-control system, a stability-assist system, a fuel-saving ECO mode and a host of beneficial options.

The latest automatic retarder-control system requires no input from the operator, and a "wait-brake" temporarily applies the service brakes during pauses in the work cycle, reducing operator effort and fatigue. The operator can move from the service brake to the throttle with no roll-back on slopes as a hill-start system automatically holds the machine on grades.

The cab has the new external spinal-ROPS found on other Cat ADTs in the range, with a rear-quarter glass that eliminates a structural pillar, resulting in better rear visibility. A nice touch is the "wake-up" feature which initiates machine displays when the door is opened. The door itself is now lighter, and better at sealing out dust. Interior sound levels are a comfortable 72 dB(A).

More comfortable, safer and easier operation
To reduce solar heating in cab, infrared glass is a good option to consider, as is an optional heated/cooled seat which "dial in" personal comfort settings. The second seat with added cushioning now uses a flip-up/flip-down design to provide additional cab storage. Left- and right-hand sliding windows not only increase ventilation, they ease communication with workers and the loader operator. 

A lighting system, controlled via a ground-level switch, illuminates the cab's entry steps and hitch area as part of the "wake up" feature, and optional long-range LED work lights improve overall visibility at night. 

External payload lights can be added which indicate payload levels for the loader operator or site supervisor, helping to ensure proper loading. Optional Cat Connect PAYLOAD technology calculates payload via sensors on the walking-beam suspension and includes load-status lights at all four corners of the cab roof to ensure visibility to the loader operator from any angle. In addition, the standard Cat Detect/Stability-Assist system monitors the working angle of the tractor and body as well as the grade, and cautions the operator if the machine is approaching a set threshold angle, stopping the dump process if continued action might potentially result in tipping.

The Cat Advanced Automatic Traction Control (AATC) system proactively applies differential locks to avoid wheel spin, which can help raise productivity and lower owning and operating costs by protecting tires from unnecessary wear. A terrain-based, throttle-smoothing system prevents throttle input surges as the ADT travels over rough ground, avoiding a situation in which the operator has difficulty maintaining a steady pressure on the throttle pedal.

Innovative controls
A combined transmission-and-hoist lever provides efficient, single-lever control of gear selection and body-hoisting functions to reduce operator effort and automate repetitive actions. A mode switch in the cab allows operators to choose either manual or assisted-hoisting control. The latter selection allows the automatic application of the wait brake, shifting of the transmission to neutral, and raising of the body to maximum angle at engine high idle when the hoist is momentarily flicked to the "raise position." The assisted-hoisting mode also allows automatic return of the body to the lowered position, when the hoist control is momentarily flicked to the "lower position." Both raise and lower functions feature automatic speed reduction and cushioning of the body at the limits of its movement, reducing forces that could cause shock loads.

Controls for limiting machine speed, for transmission gear-hold, and for wait-brake application are easily engaged using buttons on the combined transmission/hoist lever. A shift-protection system brings the truck to a safe stop if a directional shift is made while the truck is moving. The combined shifting/hoisting lever also incorporates the parking brake position.

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