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Danfoss PLUS+1 crushes expectations with intelligent software solutions

Danfoss distributor, Kraft Fluid Systems, partners with IROCK Crushers to develop solutions to eliminate hours of downtime and increase throughput

Danfoss PLUS+1 crushes expectations with intelligent software solutions

Danfoss Power Solutions' PLUS+1 has provided high-performance, intelligent machine control through its customizable software solutions and integrated hardware. Kraft Fluid Systems, a Danfoss Power Solutions distributor, has been working with Danfoss PLUS+1 for more than a decade. 

IROCK Crushers, a Kraft customer, needed to resolve a stalling issue with its TC-15 Track Impact crusher. These stalls created as much as three hours of downtime, grinding productivity to a halt, before the machine could get back to work. To address the issue, the Kraft team began work on developing an engine-monitoring software solution for the PLUS+1 controller on the TC-15.

"Kraft has been working with the PLUS+1 platform since its inception and used that collective knowledge and experience to address IROCK's challenges," said Jake Dewetering, Account Manager of Distribution at Danfoss. "The company was in IROCK's offices frequently, going over functionality, checking on progress – Kraft brought Danfoss solutions directly to them."

The result was a software solution that eliminates human error, ensuring the engine is never overloaded. "Now, when the engine reaches a threshold leading to potential overload, the Danfoss PLUS+1 controller software automatically derates the feeder speed, or stops the feeder entirely, to divert horsepower toward the crusher," said Crowder. 

The software immediately reduced downtime previously associated with the engine stalling, and it increased throughput. "In the end, we created a smarter, more competitive machine that uses horsepower management to reduce downtime," said Adam Crowder, Territory Manager at Kraft Fluid Systems.

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