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McCloskey International experiences rapid growth

New additions to manufacturing operations will accommodate increased global demand for product

McCloskey International, Peterborough ON in 2004 (left) and in 2012 (right).
McCloskey International, Peterborough ON in 2004 (left) and in 2012 (right).

Screening and crushing industry leader McCloskey International continued its expansion in 2012, with sixty percent growth overall, a 30% increase in workforce and the addition of over 136,000 in square footage to its plants in Canada and Northern Ireland over the past year.

In 2012 the Peterborough factory expanded its facility to house a new approximately 42,500 sq. ft. new warehouse and shipping/receiving building and additional space for production lines adding up to 78,000 sq.ft. Since 2008 the footprint of the Canadian factory has increased by over 50%, with five new buildings and production areas added within the past year. The plant in Ireland has been undergoing substantial growth as well over the course of 2012 .A 9,000 sq. building was added as well as a 7,000 sq. ft assembly building in Coalisland assembling C38, I44, and I54 crushers.

In addition to its physical expansion, over the past twelve months the company has continued to add new international dealers across all regions to represent the number of new products that were added to the company’s portfolio.

“There have been many contributors to our success, but one of the greatest is the strength of our dealer base worldwide”, said Paschal McCloskey, President and CEO of McCloskey International. “Their enthusiasm for the products, industry knowledge and their understanding of what the customer needs is the engine behind our growth. We have 65 dealers and our goal in the next two years is to have 100. There is a lot of opportunity as we continue to grow our share of the markets worldwide, and explore new applications for our machines.”

The expansion will continue into 2013-14 as the Peterborough plant will install new equipment valued over $1.2 million to continue to meet worldwide demand for its products across multiple industries in a variety of applications. The Tyrone plant will add conveyor construction to their production mix. The additional space will allow McCloskey to keep pace with the anticipated continued double digit growth for 2013-2014.