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Digital Job Box from PCM offers management options for construction industry

PCM, Inc. has introduced the Digital Job Box, a rugged solution that will transform the way the construction industry manages job site projects and connects remote workers to their office counterparts. The Enterprise Technology Group at PCM worked closely with construction industry leaders to create a powerful, rugged, and scalable solution that will allow construction firms and project teams to reduce costs and wastes. 

The Digital Job Box starts with a heavy duty locking steel job site storage box, outfitted with marine-grade power outlets for connection to commercial power. Inside, the Job Box includes iPads with cellular connectivity (6 or 10 unit configurations) with magnetic mounted ruggedized cases that use powerful induction to charge, no cables to worry about, an uninterruptible power supply to keep you working, and a large 4K display for collaboration, powered by Apple TV. The Digital Job Box can also be enhanced with additional accessories such as printers, drones, safety sirens/strobes, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

Available with the Digital Job Box is a fully managed service offering that includes integration, deployment, PCM-hosted mobile device management with Mobile Iron, monthly updates, help desk, and an advanced depot replacement service. The mobility experts at PCM will integrate all accessories and activate the devices, enrolling them in Apple's Device Enrollment Program.

By utilizing a hosted and managed instance of Mobile Iron, PCM will configure all devices to adhere to a company's corporate policies, and will push out apps, content, and updates to each device over the air. If support is needed or a device is damaged, PCM's Apple-certified help desk is ready to assist with troubleshooting or setting up an advance replacement repair. At the project close, PCM offers a variety of options including warehousing, re-deployment to a new job site, or trade in.  

Procore Technologies, Inc. released fully redesigned apps for the iPad and iPhone, which can be accessed via PCM's Digital Job Box. The iOS features allow the ability to drag and drop photos and documents, multitasking, and improved tools for drawings and RFI creation. These apps help transform the jobsite, giving workers the ability to collaborate in real-time with both on-site employees, as well as those in the field and in the office anywhere in the world.

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