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John Deere large-frame G-Series loaders now available with EH Boom Performance Package

John Deere large-frame G-Series loaders now available with EH Boom Performance Package

Improving its G-Series large-frame skid steers and compact track loaders, John Deere has added the  EH Boom Performance Package. This productivity-boosting feature is available as a factory-installed option on the 330G and 332G skid steers and the 331G and 333G compact track loaders. 

"We designed our G-Series machines with customer response in mind, and we're committed to the continuous use of this invaluable feedback," said Gregg Zupancic, product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. "Our EH Boom Performance Package automates repetitive tasks and improves jobsite efficiencies and safety. With this new technology, operators can feel more confident and productive than ever before."

The EH Boom Performance Package offers several features to help trim cycle times, speed production and improve jobsite awareness by automating repetitive functions.

The electronic self-level (ESL) feature automatically keeps the bucket, pallet forks or attachment level so the operator does not need to make adjustments when raising or lowering the boom to prevent material spillage. The EH Boom Performance Package also includes updated joysticks with built-in detent positions to activate the operator programmable boom and bucket functions. The return to dig (RTD) feature allows the operator to automatically and easily reset the bucket or attachment into a ready-to-work position. The return to carry (RTC) feature allows the operator to automatically and easily reset the boom and bucket into an operator-designated ready-to-carry position for quick transportation of materials. The boom height kickout (BHKO) feature allows the operator to set the boom height based on a low ceiling in an indoor application, or the height above a truck sidewall or a hopper. Then, using the joystick detent, the boom will automatically stop at the preset position, reducing the chances of equipment damage. With these features enabled, even an inexperienced operator can take full advantage of production-leading compact equipment from John Deere.

The EH Boom Performance Package brings big loader functionality to the John Deere compact construction line. It also enhances the capabilities of the refined vertical-lift boom design in the large-frame G-Series, enabling these machines to rise higher, reach farther and lift more for quicker and easier loading. Height to hinge pin is 11 feet, enabling operators to easily load dump trucks, feed mixers, fill hoppers and do everything in between. The lift path on the G-Series extends an additional 6 inches from the machine.

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