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Lube-A-Boom Insulator answers utility market need for a safe, non-conductive equipment lubricant

Lube-A-Boom Insulator answers utility market need for a safe, non-conductive equipment lubricant

Safety is the primary concern for users of all lifting and access equipment. This is especially so when working in the vicinity of electrical utilities and other charged properties.

It's a message Lube-A-Boom says they heard loud and clear at last October's International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE). "So many private contractors and public agencies in the utility sector sought us out at the Louisville show," says Jo Roberts, Product Development Lead with Lube-A-Boom, of Indianapolis, Indiana.

"They already knew Lube-A-Boom, and liked and appreciated our lubricant product line," says Roberts. "But they wanted to know if we could provide them with a specific non-conductive lubricant for safe use where and when there is electrical and power exposure."

Roberts and her product development and research team immediately went to work. They spent a good part of the next year sourcing, testing, tweaking and, upon extensive field testing, now releasing the newest member of the Lube-A-Boom product family.

Lube-A-Boom Insulator is available immediately in 15 oz. (425 gram) spray cans from authorized Lube-A-Boom dealers located throughout the United States, Canada and markets around the world. A low VOC version, mandatory in some jurisdictions, is also available.

Safe for workers and machines

The request for and market demand of the newest Lube-A-Boom product is all about worker safety in potentially dangerous situations.

"For any aerial lifts, cherry pickers or other equipment that moves, slides or lifts and has to be around power – or have anything to do with electrical applications – this is going to insulate the properties that are lubed," explains Roberts. "Insulator will prevent these particular workers from being shocked when applying lubricant to the machines, as they and all equipment users must do."

As a highly dielectric product, Lube-A-Boom Insulator is an ideal friction-reducing lubricant for use around power exposure. It not only insulates and lubricates equipment, but like other members of the Lube-A-Boom product family, it also protects surfaces against moisture and corrosion.

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