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Contractors benefit from Never Idle and VeriTread partnership

Contractors benefit from Never Idle and VeriTread partnership

Never Idle LLC, the contractor-to-contractor rental and sales marketplace, and VeriTread For Business have announced they are working together to ensure Never Idle's clients get the best logistics transportation option on equipment deliveries. The agreement allows Never Idle to use VeriTread For Business to arrange hassle-free transportation with trusted heavy haul operators while moving construction equipment between the owner and the renter or purchaser. 

When a contractor rents equipment from another contractor through Never Idle, the shipment will be sourced and priced through the VeriTread For Business platform. VeriTread collects bids for the shipment from a network of trusted transportation companies so the renter is assured that Never Idle uses competitive pricing from qualified, insured shippers.

"Never Idle puts a premium on service and safety for its clients," said Terry Dolan, Never Idle President. Working through VeriTread For Business allows Never Idle to create a custom network of preferred carriers that meet and exceed those expectations.

"We designed the process to make contractor-to-contractor rentals a winning experience," Dolan said. "We wanted to ensure that neither the contractor providing the asset nor the contractor renting the asset had to be involved with managing the logistics of getting the unit from one place to another. VeriTread For Business offers us the tools to do that. It essentially provides in-house freight brokerage services to our clients without being a freight broker at all. Giving our customers reliable and competitive transport assistance is a critical component of our model, and we believe VeriTread has the perfect solution."

Proven results
The VeriTread partnership has already proven useful for a Never Idle customer who was looking for a specific piece of equipment. Never Idle researched and identified an owner of a highly unique machine who would be willing to sell and then assisted in structuring the sales transaction. Utilizing the VeriTread platform, Never Idle had secured a qualified shipper and loaded the equipment on a truck for delivery to the buyer within 48 hours.

Dolan said, "That successful transaction was made so much easier by partnering with VeriTread. The customer got the negotiated deal completely turnkey while he carried on with regular business. We handled the sourcing, hauling and invoicing."

VeriTread For Business also enables Never Idle to grow and expand its preferred network by tapping into the available capacity of its own suppliers. "Many of the contractors that Never Idle is forming relationships with will, on occasion, have under-utilized hauling capacity available," said Brian Ratkovec, Director of Sales at VeriTread.  "We want those same companies to be able to identify opportunities to haul for Never Idle, as well as other clients that utilize VeriTread's Marketplace and Business platforms."

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