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Western Global EnviroCube tanks offer secure and economical on-site refuelling

The EnviroCube's weatherproof, double-walled design provides 110 percent fluid containment.
The EnviroCube's weatherproof, double-walled design provides 110 percent fluid containment.

Western Global has introduced the EnviroCube for convenient, secure and economical on-site refuelling and fuel storage. The tank is ideal for refuelling equipment and fleet vehicles as well as reducing downtime and lessening fuel costs. The EnviroCube's lockable cabinet keeps fuel secure and controls access to hoses, ports and fittings, protecting them from the elements and theft. 

"The EnviroCube is a cost-effective yard tank for companies looking to reduce costs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure on-site fuel supply," said Barry Truan, Western Global general manager. "With the EnviroCube, customers can reduce expenses by taking advantage of lower per-gallon rates by purchasing fuel in bulk and scheduling deliveries when prices are low."

From delivery and setup to day-to-day operation and maintenance, the EnviroCube's design provides customers with convenience and efficiency. Western Global engineered the box-shaped fuel storage system for easy and inexpensive movement. Unlike traditional round tanks, the EnviroCube stays within height, length and width standards for over-the-road transport. The EnviroCube also occupies less space on site compared to round tanks of similar capacities. Once on site, contractors can move the tank via crane lifting hooks or four-way forklift pockets.

The system's full-height cabinet secures all pumping equipment, which enables Western Global to install components prior to shipping, reducing on-site setup time. Additionally, in-cabinet shelving provides convenient space for customers to store extra tools and supplies.

The EnviroCube's weatherproof, double-walled design provides 110 percent fluid containment, eliminating the need to own and clean a secondary pan or basin while ensuring environmental compliance. Further, a top access hatch simplifies inspections, cleaning and routine maintenance. 

To increase fuelling flexibility and efficiency, Western Global equips the tank with multiple ports to simultaneously fuel as many as three pieces of equipment. Letterbox-style openings on the tank's side allow it to act as an auxiliary fuel source for equipment such as generators, pumps and light towers while the cabinet remains locked.

Western Global offers the tank in four models with capacities ranging from 4,966 gallons (18,800 litres) to 12,329 gallons (46,672 litres) to meet the fuel demands of a wide variety of commercial operations.

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