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Kohler single-cylinder engine integrates closed-loop EFI

Kohler single-cylinder engine integrates closed-loop EFI

Kohler presents the Command PRO EFI ECH440, the single-cylinder engine that integrates closed-loop electronic fuel injection technology (EFI). The 14 hp engine brings the benefits of Kohler EFI - including enhanced fuel efficiency, greater overall reliability, and easier starting in harsh conditions - to a wide variety of equipment, such as generators, chippers, concrete saws, welders, utility vehicles, stump grinders, air compressors, tillers, water pumps and more. 

The Command PRO EFI ECH440 controls and manages the exhaust through the closed-loop system, thus burning the proper amount of air: this control notably extends the life of the engines. 

The Command PRO EFI ECH440 offers better fuel economy than similarly sized carbureted engines. Plus, KOHLER EFI engines save cash at the pump - and save time on refueling.

The starter is one of the key feature of this model: the Command PRO® EFI ECH440 starts like a car, with no choking. There is no carburetor, so there is no carburetor downtime. From there our closed-loop electronic fuel injection system gets the most from every ounce of fuel. 

Therefore, the equipment is always running - and earning - and end users are more productive. 

It is more reliable because it has no carburetor and no choke. Moreover, the EFI diagnostic software, sold separately, provides quick and easy troubleshooting to minimize downtime. 

The experience of Kohler on EFI (electronic fuel injection) system is rooted in history. Kohler released the industry's first closed-loop EFI system in 1996 and the industry's first engine mounted EFI system in 2009. Now, Kohler has more than 30 EFI models and offers the expertise gained over the last 20 years to serve application manufacturers.

"Since it was initially launched, our EFI technology has been widely incorporated by equipment manufactures and has been well received by end users in a variety of industries," said Ben Marotz, Marketing Manager for KOHLER Engines. "When you're on the jobsite, reliability, ease-of-use and efficiency are critical and it's rewarding to offer an engine that now brings these benefits to single-cylinder applications all around the world."

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