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ECOMEC 150 continuously variable transmission offers significant advantages

ECOMEC 150 continuously variable transmission offers significant advantages

Montreal-based CVTCORP designs and develops high efficiency, traction-drive continuously variable transmissions (CVT). Their ECOMEC 150 transmission is designed for material handling and off-highway applications, delivering maximum power to the wheels at all times, in all conditions, to do more work with less fuel. It has a power rating of 96 kW at 2,200 rpm. 

Initial vehicle validation tests have already confirmed an improvement of 15 percent in the drawbar pull test while maintaining top speed when compared to a vehicle equipped with a traditional power-shift transmission. 

Skyjack is enthusiastic about the transmission, as president Brad Boehler explains: "Our priority is ensuring this innovation is proven and robust. So far testing has met, if not exceeded, our expectations and we are very optimistic that our CVT-equipped Skyjack vehicles will deliver significant value to our customers for ease of use, safety, fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance cost." 

The ECOMEC 150 can be used with a mechanical or electronic engine in a range of equipment - such as telehandlers, loaders, backhoes, graders, rough-terrain forklifts and more. It provides increased productivity and fuel savings, automatic shifting, an infinite number of ratios resulting in improved vehicle performance and engine optimization, and maximum tractive effort at low engine rpm without a torque converter.

The ECOMEC replicates torque converter behavior and its simple and precise controls provide for an extremely nimble vehicle. Smooth and efficient forward/reverse shuttling results in a comfortable ride.

This will be a drop-in replacement for a PowerShift transmission; it features open platform controls and software to adjust the vehicle sophistication level.

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