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Caterpillar Expands Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kit products for Machines

Earlier in the year, Caterpillar announced the availability of the initial phases of machine engine rebuild kits for certain machine models powered by 3406 & 3306 engines. Precious Metals kits are available in four levels- Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each kit is designed to save time and lower cost. Caterpillar is pleased to announce the expansion of this program to include kit options for 3176 powered machines.

Cat® Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kits are designed to give more rebuild choices. Whether you do it yourself or work with your Cat dealer, the kits promise to maximize uptime, strengthen your bottom line and extend the life of your equipment.

There are four levels of Precious Metals Engine Rebuild Kits: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum to meet your specific needs and budget. And, with an Equipment Protection Plan you can control costs and operate with total confidence. Equipment Protection Plans are available for up to 36 months. 

-          Bronze kit provides the basic components (gaskets, seals, oil & fuel filter, camshaft bearings, exhaust manifold sleeves, etc) and have no core charge.

-          Silver kits include the Bronze kit, plus new, unassembled pistons, piston rings, retainers and cylinder liners and come with no core

-          Gold includes the Bronze kit and the added value of 6 Cat Reman pre-assembled cylinder packs.

-          Platinum includes the Bronze kit, plus Cat Reman (6) pre-assembled cylinder packs, cylinder head, fuel injectors or fuel nozzles, water pump and oil pump.  

Genuine Cat new and Cat Reman parts are precisely engineered and designed to operate as a system for your Cat equipment. Caterpillar can ensure that your kit has the parts updated with the latest engineering specifications guaranteeing you have exactly what your rebuild requires. Slight differences in tolerances and fit can contribute to inefficiencies in areas like fuel consumption, oil consumption and premature wear. When you compete to win jobs on the narrowest of margins, it just makes sense to rebuild your engines to run more efficiently and reliably for a longer life.  

Now available in the Precious Metals Engine Rebuild kit program are solutions for 3176 powered Cat 14H; 140H; 143H; 160H; 163H Motor Graders; 345B Excavators; 572R II Pipelayers, 814F; 815F; 816F Wheel Dozers, 966G II Wheel Loaders, D7R; D7R II Track Type Tractors.   

Previously released machine Precious Metals kits include solutions for Cat 3406 powered machines: scrapers; off highway trucks; wheel dozers; compactors; wheel loaders; and track type tractors.  

Engine Rebuild kits are also available for Cat 3306 powered machines: Motor Graders; Hydraulic Excavators, Material Handlers; Pipelayers; Wheel Tractor-Scrapers; Wheel Dozers, Soil and F Waste Compactors; Wheel Loaders; Track Type Tractors; and Articulated Trucks. Additional kit offerings for other Cat machines are under development.  

For more information please visit www.CatRebuildKits.com or contact your local Cat dealer.

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