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Palazzani appoints SOSLocation lifting dealer in Quebec

Palazzani appoints SOSLocation lifting dealer in Quebec

Palazzani Industrie now has a presence in Quebec, thanks to a partnership with SOSLocation in Montreal. The company, which builds lift equipment such as the Spider Crane, is hoping to take advantage of SOSLocation's abilities with sales, services, transportation of equipment and training.

"The reason we chose spider platforms is because we believe in specialized equipment sercices," said Philippe Lavigne, CEO of SOSLocation. "We love all the things a Spider platform can accomplish, and we are proud to offer such particular equipment that can accomplish so much to our clients."

Three Spider lifts are already in the showroom: a TZX 225/C ECO, and two hybrids: a XTJ 32/C and a TSJ 25/C.

"The TZX models meet the needs of such a wide variety of clients, from private to corporate to institutional," Lavigne said. 

SOSLocation requested options for power choice - electric and hybrid - and also requested special configurations for its lifts.

"We equipped our crawler lift with a winch to show our clients that the crawler lift can be used in that way - we want to show our clients everything the Palazzani crawler lifts can do," Lavigne said.

The machines transform to Spider Cranes with a quick replacement of the cage to the winch, giving extra precious versatility.

"We like that the manufacturer offers a wide range of products, so many heights, and that every crawler lift can have the winch option and much more," Lavigne said. "In addition, we like the fact that components for the crawler lift are easy to find, high quality and used all over the world. The concept, in terms of size, suits the industry... we like that the manufacturer is close to their clients and that they turn towards their clients' needs."

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