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Founder of Recom Moritsch Cranes visits Toronto to meet with contractors and industry leaders

Founder of Recom Moritsch Cranes visits Toronto to meet with contractors and industry leaders

Mariano Moritsch, Managing Director and founder of Recom Moritsch, made his return to Toronto last week to meet with forming contractors and other industry leaders in the Greater Toronto Area. Moritsch first visited Toronto back in 1989 on his first business trip representing the tower crane company his late father, Ferruccio, founded back in 1962. 

Moritsch's trip was organized by Enrico Redigonda and grandson Daniel Wright of Concrane Sales, Recom Moritsch's exclusive distributor. The visit included meetings with some of the largest forming contractors in the Greater Toronto Area who have been purchasing his family's cranes over the last three decades and, as of last year, have started to include Recom's cranes in their fleets. The foundation of the meetings centred on discussions of Recom's current offerings as well as hints of what's to come, including integration with some advanced technology.

This was Moritsch's first visit since launching Recom Moritsch in 2015.

"Since the Recom cranes have been working in Canada for all four seasons, Mariano and I felt it was the right time for him to travel to Toronto to meet with our customers," Redigonda explained. "We're thrilled with the response we've received so far from customers regarding the new Recom cranes, but our goal is to continue to improve. Getting feedback directly from the end user is crucial as Recom continues to grow."

"I think it's very important to sit down and speak directly with customers. I call it ‘free engineering'," Moritsch joked. "But seriously, I look at our relationships with customers like a partnership. That's one of the defining factors that sets Recom apart from other tower crane manufacturers currently in the market. We make a point to listen to what customers really want in order to deliver the right cranes, as well as customized solutions, that fit their specific needs."

Moritsch continued, "For example, the type of crane I manufacture for Toronto is different to other parts of the world. From my meetings with Ricky [Redigonda], I understand forming contractors in Toronto are dealing with tight deadlines and require larger and faster motors compared to other parts of the world. Toronto also deals with harsher weather conditions so we've ensured the cranes are winterized. These are some of the standard features for any crane that leaves our factory for Toronto."

"Gone are the days of creating a product or a piece of equipment, packaging it and saying, ‘here you go, take it or leave it'," Wright explained. "Customers are more knowledgeable than ever and have tools in the palm of their hands to help them make informed decisions. If you don't listen to what people want, they will just find someone else who will—and you could likely lose that potential partnership forever."

While in Toronto, Moritsch also saw some of Concrane Sales' customers he had not yet met before where he had the opportunity to tell his story of a company started by his father Ferruccio in 1962 in the mountains of Belluno in the Veneto region of northern Italy—100 kms away from Venice. Since Redigonda sold the family's first cranes in Toronto in 1989, they were a staple on leading Toronto jobsites before the company was sold in 1998.

Mariano's father Ferruccio passed in 2011. Moritsch later founded Recom to continue his family's legacy as well as utilize his 30 years of experience and his love of cranes. With their first luffing jib cranes arriving in Canada last spring, Recom Moritsch's full range of luffing jib and low-top hammerhead cranes will be available this year. Recom Moritsch also recently announced the acquisition of a fellow Italian tower crane manufacturer, adding flat tops to their current offering. They are currently producing cranes from 6t to 12t and aim to have six new models available by the end of the year.

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